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Hi guys whats up my name is Seline and Im so glad you found this page. This page is like brand new so obviously there will be so many more updates!!! Let me tell you a little about myself. Im an aspiring 15 year old singer who is trying to get into the music business. Ive been singing since I was very young and my teachers told me that I have a very nice voice and that I can hit high notes and I should therefore pursue a singing career. Ive also been told to pursue modeling but I know deep in my heart that this is what I want to do! I have the ability to write good songs in short amounts time, I dunno, you can call it a talent I guess:) I actually performed about 2 of the songs I wrote to my friends and they were like " Wov, that sounds like a professional single that would be out there "! I got inspired and I performed it for my choral teacher also and he was amazed and I was like "Yes!":) I also have very different creative ideas when it comes to my music ( which would mainly be pop) and my style and everything so I promise, it wouldnt be copying anything of the artists out there. I would appreciate it so much if you guys email me telling your thoughts on what you think I should do because public opinion means so much to me. This page is brand new but in the future I promise I will add more pictures, including the ones where Im singing on stage at like 6,7 years old!hehe theyre so cute!:) I will also try to download music for you guys to hear ( i have many demos, if only I knew how to load them into the computer!hehe). I will have some of my lyrics also. So please, again,I would appreciate it so much if you guys email me your suggestions and I promise you if I make it, I will be showing my appreciation to you guys:) watch this space, ill be updating soon. Love&XOXO Seline=) UPDATE: Hi all! I just modeled in this awesome fashion show; all the girls were great and everyone was sooooooo impressed to our surprise since we didnt get much practice but it was so much fun! Im also inthe process of more involvement in the music business but i dont wanna say anything before something happens for sure so wish me luck, ill update, good luck to all yall too, God bless:) UPDATE #2: Hi all, after an audition img and rca records have shown interest in me , i will continue to get lessons and more experience before i make my professional demo and get my professional pictures. Good luck & God bless to all of us with a dream :)



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