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It was Mid September back in 2000 that our co-founder and group leader Russ McClelland, Cherie and Patrick McFadden sparked the flame that became the Second Annual "Fan of Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons E-Mail Group Convention" held at the "Embassay Suites" hotel of the Philadelphia International Airport.

Local oldies radio station WOGL-FM 98 dedicated air time to Frankie and the Four Seasons while focusing on the 1962 hits. Convention attendees listened on as the #1 hit "Sherry" played over the airwaves commemorating the 38th anniversary of the beginning of The 4 Seasons' history. "Sherry" hits the number one postion on the national charts.

The Celebration is now recorded in history and is here for you to see in pictures.

Signing their life away, fans couldn't wait to get inside!

The Line to get in was down the hall and out the door and down the street!

With an introduction and a hearty welcome, Russ McClelland begins the celebration.

Fern settles up with who gets what for dinner, I think it was 120 steak and 1 tuna?

Kay starts the party off with a gift to Russ: an incriminating (sort of) photo of Russ under attack (Who has the negative?)

SJ gets directions to where lunch was served. Except it was the other way.

The natives were restless. Lunch was strategically placed in the middle of the day.

What happened Next?