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Update 10/19/05

Yes the rumors are true, lo and behold, Dregs are no more. Indeed children, it is a sad but true ending to a fantastically fantastical story. The Dreggers, your dear beloved band, have managed to inspire much less minds that originally forcasted. However, in the long run they will not be forgotten. For where there are people who live on the outskirts of general thinking and commonality, there is a dreg. Uncorruptable minds will prevail over the anguish and monotomy that is exhausted by the machine. Fight you must and fight we will, wether it be with ourselves or with others using any vehicle at our disposal. The battle will go on until the threshold has been exceeded and the film has been removed from the eyes. Never the less, as energy is not destroyed but rather converted, the Dregs live on in a new form with more potential and a larger audible magnitude of destruction. A renaissance has been induced and a group of four will exalt feeble ones, and enthral the minds of the unenlightened. These four are to be known as Mildred. Suggesting nothing in the crux of the name as to not insight possesion. They live on.


Update 01/04/05

New year, same band, more crap. Been looking forward to vacation time, and it has finally come. This means more time to work on music. Hopefully this year will bring many good things to come such as shows, new songs, perhaps a music video, and other things of the like. Its' time to step up to another gear, so keep a look out on us. Check out the "Music" section for our soundclick web page, thats where all the new songs will be posted. And as usual, sign the guestbook! Let us know you where here,tell us that you hate our music, or something just sign it.


Update 11/05/04

Another 4 years of King George, how freakin' great is that. Stupid humans. Anyway, yet again the album will be postponed for future release (geez sounds so proffesional and all). With the way things have been going lately, money is really hard to come by, hence we haven't been able to attain the neccesary equipment to record all our songs the way we want. We just need a couple of more things, but these things aren't cheap: Mic preamp, bunch of cables, couple of mic stands, and other misc. things. On the brighter side, we have done some simple recordings of a few songs as a demo,which I will post up real soon, so smile. It's been a long time since we've recorded anything and I know you all are just dying to hear the new stuff. Soon my friends, soon. Buck Fush.


Update 08/30/04

So school is starting again, meaning that more of our time is going to be consumed by other things rather than music. The album that we are suppose to be working on is going to take a bit longer than was originally planned. Sorry for the set back, but as usual nothing ever really goes as planned. We have however been working on the songs, we have 5 done all ready, and we're in the process of finishing some more. To give a ball park figure, around the end of October or so we should be clompletely done with it all. What is more, we have a show coming up soon (finally!), So people should definetly come and check us out if you want to hear what we've been working on. The show is on the 12th of September at Arka Lounge located at 4488 Broadway 192nd street Manhattan.


Update 07/10/04

Been a while since I've updated. Since school ended we've been busy working on several songs for (drum roll)drrrrrrrrrrrr Spshhhh!.....Dregs first FULL album! So far we have about 3 and a 1/2 songs just about done. We're planning on having at least 10 or so songs on the album. Haven't really come up with a title or cover art either, guess that stuff is not too gravely important at the present time. Right now we're just focusing on getting songs done; so far so good. I think they're coming out pretty well. What is more, we've been getting some new equipment to get these songs to sound well. Recently bought Marshall Condenser mics and soon will buy ourselves a spankin' new trap set to crank out the beats. Don't worry though, ya'll won't have to wait till the entire album is complete in order to hear some songs, we'll be recording some soon (hopefully) as a sample of what's going on with the album and all. Until then feel free to view our videos or check out our mellow Hour of Nonsense songs. In addition, please sign the guest book and let us know what you think of our stuff, or just let us know you were here.


Update 05/10/04

Been too busy with school lately. I just want it to finish all ready geez. If anyone ever tells you that engineering is easy tell them that they are liars and don't be their friend anymore. I've been getting some good comments about the site and our music, thanks a lot to all whom commented on the latter. I've added some NEW videos for your viewing pleasure. By the bye, schools' going to end in a couple of weeks, thank goodness, so we should have more time to work on some tunes for yous' to enjoy. Peace.


Update 01/15/04

Welcome finally to the newly redesigned official Dregs website. I've been a big procrastinator these past months when it came to updating this site. Well finally I've had some time off from school, and at last found the motivation to work on it. I've uploaded some old and new content such as pics and videos. That should give the site some more content to keep you non fans busy while we work on our songs. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? We've been working on a hand full of songs here and there. So you all have to wait while we finish them up and record 'em. I know you all wanna get your hands on these delicious treats of ear candy :-). But like a little green dude once said, "Patients you must have,mmmmm"

Even though we don't have a drummer (except midi), my buddy and I have still been trying to work on our music. But it's really missing a key ingridient, the back bone of every band, the drummer. So if your a drummer and are interested in starting a band e-mail me and will figure something out


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