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Money For The Toll at the Bayonne Hometown Fair

A strong set was given from the members of Money For The Toll on Saturday, May 15th at the Bayonne Hometown Fair. It all started at 9 p.m. and was a crowd pleaser right from the beginning. For many, the appeal was a keyboard driven sound that was unexpected; fresh and new to many. However, to others it was the long awaited return of Money For The Toll. They presented themselves with confidence and were ready to rock, despite the fact that, due to emergency, their guitarist arrived several songs into the set.
Sean Faust, with his powerful vocals, was the driving force behind the energy that the rest of the band was eminating. The crowd was intrigued by this "new progressive music" that was presented to them with intensity and sincerity. Many bands performed on the same stage that night, but none with quite as much enthusiasm as Money For The Toll. The crowd response was overwhelming, and many fans, both old and new, await their upcoming shows.

Leigh Dudziak

Money For The Toll/ Do's Cup Of Tea
By Al Muzer

An excellent live EP that showcases Gordon Prokap, R. Sean Faust, Rob Szyba, and Patrick Calabrese's love, admiration and mastery of the anthemic, classics-inspired, keyboard fueled grandiose rock of Gentle Giant, Atomic Rooster, Yes (check out "Affirmative"), ELP, Barclay James Harvest, and Peter Gabriel - led Genesis. Aahhh…I can still see the blacklight posters and taste the $2 tabs of orange sunshine.

Jersey Jams - The Aquarian Weekly and The East Coast Rocker

From METAL RULES! Magazine - Issue #3

Well, this would be the first Progressive Rock CD I've ever received for review. It was a pleasure to review!! I know for a fact that some of my readers are older and not even Metal fan (If you can believe that?) so this is for them. For fans of ELO, YES, ELP, ROBERT FRIPP etc…if you like that kind of thing combined with the progressive rock sounds of the 90's then this is for you. You'll eat this up!! Mmmmmm yummy!!! They have their own sound and are highly melodic.
R. Sean Faust studied vocal technique with vocalist Robert Mason (LYNCH MOB, CRY OF LOVE), guitar with GIT alumnus Steve Ceragno, and keyboards with Derek Sherinian (DREAM THEATER, ALICE COOPER, KISS). Guitarist Rob also studied with Steve Ceragno and studied at the acclaimed Berklee School Of Music. Gordon the bassist studied music at Rutgers University! Patrick Calabrese (drummer) studied at Berklee as well with Akira Tana (RUFUS REID) and Ray Marchica (ROSIE O' DONNEL BAND). Yechhh! How the hell did Rosie get her big fat head into my Metal Magazine? Son of a bitch! She must have snuck in. I can't believe it. Rosie aside you get quality trained musicians and it shows.
For my older and non-Metal fans, this would be definitely something you should pick up. It's just good music. Metal heads, for something totally new give them a shot! Maybe I can do a spin-off magazine called Progressive Rock Rules! Then again maybe not.
Send $(deleted) for this quality disc! Contact:
Money For The Toll, P.O. Box 2668, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA

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Metal Rules! magazine
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Money For The Toll: Do's Cup Of Tea
by Daniel V.Gomes

This is a review I wrote about the EP, Do's Cup OF Tea, from Money For The Toll
Money For The Toll is an american Prog Rock/Metal band, who's releasing their debut, the EP, Do's a Cup Of Tea.
They're very innovative in certain terms, but at the same time their music is influenced by some great 70's Prog Rock bands such as King Crimson (Disconnected) , Yes (Affirmative), Rush and Pink Floyd (Higher Source) and Kansas (Innocence Souls) and of course, by Dream Theater.
Lately new Prog Metal bands are just being Dream Theater clones (though some are very good like Lemur Voice,Superior, Ivanhoe, The Quiet Room, etc), but I'd say Money For The Toll is trying to not going through this way. A good example is the first track, Disconnected (part 1), which presents dissonant chords weird vocals, and complex drums parts. You won't have any band in mind to say "this sounds as ... " after. Although, Money For The Toll leader, R. Sean Faust is a great Dream Theater fan
My favorite track it's Affirmative, an instrumental piece, which unfortunately does not last too much, only less than two minutes. But shows us all the great skills of these musicians. Odd signatures, time changes, and unusual harmonies. My brother said he thought about Gentle Giant. I'd say Yes, Close to The Edge era.
A final note must be about Disconnected part 2, the only song in this EP I found Dream Theater influenced, but it will rock you. It's very heavy, but with the keys doing the orchestration... Time to bang your head.... Do you know the Germany band Superior? Sounds like them but mixed with Primus...
You can email Sean at :

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From Music Street Journal
Overall Review

This release is a live recording of the band Money For The Toll. The music on this album is hard-edged rock with solid prog elements. This band shows promise, and with a little luck, should have a good career ahead.
Money For the Toll is R. Sean Faust, Rob Szyba, Gordon Prokap and Patrick Calabrese. The disc can be ordered directly from the band by visiting their website at You can also email the band at Tell them that you read about the disc in the Music Street Journal.

Track by Track Review

Disconnected (Part One): Beginning with a very modern sounding intro based on keys and a meaty bass line, the song is quite powerful and very prog metalish. The piece has dark and gritty tones, and calls to mind Smashing Pumpkins while maintaining that strong prog metal texture. An instrumental break late in the song (which serves as the ending) contains solid prog influences and intriguing keyboard work.

Higher Source: This is a slow and quite evocative progish ballad, and the guitar solo segment is very metallic.

Affirmative: Aptly titled, this instrumental has quite a Yesish texture. In fact, the piece really calls to mind the Rabin era track Changes rather heavily at times. Still, other tones pervade this number, most strongly prog metal and jazz. The timing on this one is very quirky.

Innocent Souls: Innocent Souls is a considerably admirable prog metal piece that shows off progressive rock elements in the modes of Kansas and others at times.

Disconnected (Part Two): A very gritty metallic tone is the order of the day for this cut. The entire piece is essentially a very strong and quirky metal tune with dark overtones.