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Chris Colaneri Quartet CD Available!!!!!

The long awaited CD by New Jersey's own Chris Colaneri Quartet, "All Inclusive", featuring Money For The Toll drummer Pat Calabrese, is now available!
The CD, over a year in the making, is 11 tracks of diverse, eclectic, contemporary jazz that reflects the band members varied musical influences and experiences.
From the groovy funk of "Vibe Dance" and "Just Havin' Some Funk," and the Carribean inspired sounds of "Ibiza", to the boppish "Sick Of The Rain" and the mellow spacey feel of "Bassic Freedom", the Chris Colaneri Quartet mixes all styles into its musical pallette and invites all listeners no matter what their taste is. Like the title, CCQ and its music are truly "All Inclusive"!
Chris Colaneri Quartet is sure to be performing near you soon in 2001 (check out our site for upcoming dates), but until then you can order a copy of "All Inclusive" for only $12.00! For ordering instructions, E-mail:
"Wag The Dog" DAM CD Available At!!!!!
"Fields Of Red" Bonus CD Single To Come Soon!!!!!

Now that Money For The Toll has joined the evergrowing world of, they have also released a CD version of their popular "Wag The Dog".
In addition, their recent recordings of "Fields Of Red" and "Islands" will be released as a bonus CD single, featuring the two songs as well as a censored version of "Fields Of Red" (for radio airplay or parties) and a few other goodies.
Also available through MFTT's site are coffee mugs, T-Shirts, and mouse pads.
Don't forget, coming soon you can order our official MFTT T-shirt at shows and through this website!!!!!
Click here to order Money For The Toll's "Wag The Dog" and other goodies.

MFTT Releases New Song at!!!!!

"Being that we've written so much new material since the initial recording of 'Wag', we decided to go into the studio and record two more songs to show our fans what we've been doing," says Sean regarding Money For The Toll's latest venture into the studio to record "Fields Of Red" and "Islands". "It's been over a year, and although I'm really happy with it, 'Wag' represents us a year ago. 'Islands' and 'Fields of Red' have always gone over well live, and we decided that those would be the songs to really concentrate on layering and structuring in a recording environment.

"I'm actually really psyched because being that the first 2 releases ("Wag The Dog" and their 1998 release "Do's Cup Of Tea") were live, I didn't really get to experiment with vocal harmonies. I also had the opportunity to record multiple takes of my vocals so I can pick and choose later on instead of overdubs as I had done in the past. I feel that although the live recordings are good, it's time to get some studio recordings out as well!"

Sean concludes, "I had a blast in the studio with Gordon as a vocal engineer. He's really supportive of me experimenting with different harmonies as well as other random stuff. I can't count how many times we had to stop because I'd do or say something outlandish and we would double over. Gordon and I have known each other for a long time. We both know what we're looking to achieve in a song and a recording. We're also a couple of goof-off's when we're together. All of that makes an extremely comfortable recording environment."


But since you scrolled down this far....why not enjoy reading a bit about MFTT's history?

MFTT Wins First Round in Battle Of The Bands!
Thanks to the dedication of our fans, Money For The Toll won the first round at The Wreck Room's Battle Of The Bands!!!!! We ask you all to please come again to the 2nd round on August 26th and help us win again!!!!!
Go to SHOWS for full details!!!!!!
Sonic Ocean Recording - July 16th

Sonic Ocean has finished recording the final tracks for their upcoming, "Soundtrack To A Really Short Movie". Mixing will take place over the next few weeks. A mid-August release is scheduled. Check here soon for the Sonic Ocean Page!
Click here to see the Official SONIC OCEAN Website
Pat Calabrese To Perform with The Chris Colanari Quartet - May 28th, 1999

MFTT drummer Pat Calabrese will be performing with the Chris Colaneri Quartet on Saturday, June 5th at Makeda's Restaurant, 338 George Street, in New Brunswick. Showtime is at 8 PM. Bring your love of jazz music, or at least your curiosity of jazz, because this band can swing hard as well as turn up the funk! Also, bring your love of exotic food and drink, because this restaurant serves Ethiopian style cuisine! We're not kidding! It's good too (yum yum)! If your tastes buds aren't adventurous, there is a fully stocked bar with full stage view to sit back and dig the cool sounds (can you dig it? I knew that you could!). For more info or directions, e-mail Pat at

Saturday - 5/ 15 9:00 p.m. Money For The Toll will be performing live at The Bayonne Hometown Fair
on the 18th Street Stage. ALL AGES WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!
For Directions, E-mail
Visit our SHOWDATES section for full ad! (create hyperlink)
Sean To Perform Upcoming Shows with WitchMoon - 5/09/99

Sean will play keyboards for Spooky/ Industrialites WitchMoon on the following dates.
Friday - 5/14 WitchMoon will be appearing at the "Bayonne Street Fair" in Bayonne, NJ on the 18th St. Stage at 7:00 p.m. FREE ADMISSION!!!!!.
Saturday - 5/19 WitchMoon will be appearing at the "New Palace" in BoundBrook, NJ with Sykkle, Eyekandy, and others. Doors open at 7 pm. Tickets are $8 and are available at the door or by E-mailing
Sean Faust to Perform at ALL AGES SHOW With Into Darkness - 4/28/99

On Sunday, March 23rd, at the Wreck Room in Wallington, NJ, Sean will perform on keyboards with area hard-rock act INTO DARKNESS for an ALL AGES show! For complete information regarding the show, visit the Into Darkness website (
Sean has also recorded keyboard tracks for their upcoming release, "The Day The Birth Stood Still", due out in June.

Chris Colaneri: Vibraphone, percussion
Eric Donoghue: Electric piano, keyboards
Vito Garcia: Bass guitar
Pat Calabrese: Drums, percussion
The Chris Colaneri Quartet is Money for the Toll drummer Pat Calabrese's jazz project. Together since 1997, they perform a high energy brand of funky jazz, mixed with some unique rearrangements of favorite jazz standards. They perform often in the Central New Jersey area, and are looking forward to taking the rest of the state by storm in the Summer of '99.
Information on The Chris Colaneri Quartet is available through Pat at If you ask him really nicely, he'll send you a tape!
MFTT To Perform 4/30!!!!! - 4/05/99

Money For The Toll will once again take the stage on Friday, April 30th at Backstreets, 198 Belmont Ave. in Haledon NJ. Showtime is 10:00 p.m.
Once again, MFTT will perform new material as well as songs from "Do's Cup Of Tea" and the upcoming "Wag The Dog", as well as celebrate Sean's Birthday. Say Sean, "I've always wanted to play a gig on my birthday. When I found out my B-day was on a Friday this year, I immediately called Rochelle (who's one of the coolest people I've ever done business with) from Backstreets and booked it."
Further I Fall - 4/02/99

Further I Fall is the brainstorm of Money For The Toll's Sean Faust, and Witchmoon guitarist Bvrn. The idea? To combine both musician's love for progressive, industrial, and metal music. The outcome? A 3 song tape that has the listener instantly hooked from the very beginning. Grasping the listener with catchy riffs and melodies, as well as intriguing them with an atmospheric array of sound, Further I Fall is a project bound to bring a smile to even your parent's faces.
Further I Fall's 3-song tape is still being recorded, and is scheduled for a July release.
Sonic Ocean - 3/11/99

SONIC OCEAN, a new progressive/ fusion side project will be performing their first show this month! Members include Money For The Toll's Sean Faust and Bruce Sokolovic, Neil Rambaldi and Chris Onjian of 2nd Image, and former Come Closer drummer Ed Faust.
"Although this was supposed to be a one time gig, we've been having so much fun writing and rehearsing that we might as well record and do a few more shows," says Sean
SONIC OCEAN will perform on Friday, March 26th at Backstreets - 198 Belmont Road Haledon, NJ. Showtime is 10:00 p.m. For Directions and band info, feel free to E-mail
Sean Faust Performs on 2nd Image - WPU Sessions - 3/11/99

Sean Faust has recently recorded keyboard tracks with area hard rock/ progressive act 2nd Image on their new release, WPU Sessions. The demo has three of the band's newer songs on it: Won't be a Clone, Escape, and No Cure. If you are interested in getting a copy of this demo contact the band at Audio files are available at the Official 2nd Image Websitein the Audio section.
New Live Recording - 2/14/99

Hey everybody! Well, we finished recording our 2nd live EP last week!!!!! Not only are we excited to release more material, but we're looking forward to the album debut of new guitarist Bruce Sokolovic. Be sure to check here within the next few weeks for new wavs and MP3's from our upcoming EP, "Live From Room B".
This was recorded for you, our fans, while we prepare the recording of our studio LP, due in 2000!!!!! We thank you for all of your support and compliments, and look forward to seeing you in 1999!!!!!

Recorded Saturday, February 11th at Room B in West Paterson, NJ by Brian Csencsits.
1.(One With The Disappearing of) Balance

Money For The Toll
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