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LaRace's Guitar Tabs

Welcome to my tab page...I don't have a huge archive, just a some tabs from a few of my fav. take a look around and take what you need...some of the tabs were done by myself, some from others so if you take anything be sure to give them credit...If you would like to add some of your own tabs or make any requests just email me with your tabs or requests and I will be happy to post them if I can...This page is still under heavy construction...So check back from time to time...Also I have just added an Mp3 section so be sure to look out for that..----------THIS JUST IN...IVE BEEN ABDUCTED BY THE NAVY---guys im sooo sorry i havent been able to update this dumb ass joined the navy...why didnt you guyz stop me...any way i wont be able to update this page for awhile ...but i will still leave the rest of the tabs for you guys that havent seen them...yet...TO BE CONTINUED...

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