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KiTTiEKaTs Opinion
Ok, basically i'm really sick and tired of reading magazine articles about KITTIE. As a fan, i know the enormous amount of talent KITTIE has, and it pisses me off to read an article about them and all i hear about is how sexy they are and how they are hardcore chicks and about how young they are... every article i read says the same shit! and NOTHING about the music... For example... Read This HIT PARADER Article... Now you see? As a fan, doesn't that piss you off? I know it makes me mad...

Another thing i hate as a KiTTiE fan is how MTV thinks they are so cool comparing KiTTiE to bands like KoRn and Limp Bizkit... Read This MTV article... When i read that i was like WHAT THE FUCK?! KiTTiE sounds nothing like any of those bands! KiTTiE has their own chick hardcore metal sound of their own! and WHY the need to compare them to trendy guy bands? i just dont get it...

Ok, the Last place i thought i'd Ever see KiTTiE was in Teen Magazine! But yup, they were in there! Its not really an article, more of just a summery. Once again, like with MTV, KiTTiE is compared to KoRn... arg! KiTTiE has nothing to do with Limp Bizkit OR KoRn but these teenie-bopper magazines keep comparing them! oh well... read it for yourself.

The band obviously would agree with me about the above bad artical writings!
*Morgan said "I read my own press, and i read interviews with other bands in the magazines, and people ask other bands the pertinent questions, questions that were pertinent to the writing, critical questions about their career and the motives behind it, and where they're headed. Then i turn to our interviews, and it's all about how they're young, they're cute, and all this exterior bullshit. I'd rather have people judge us for what they feel about us - Not because we're girls or because we're young, but at a musical level."
*Mercedes said "I'd rather have people judge us on our musical content, than what the fuck gender we are. So what if our gender is different? We're doing the same thing as a lot of other bands out there, so why judge us at any different level?" *Morgan said "We don't fall under rap-rock or techno-metal, because that's not the type of music we play. - There's no rap. There's some singing, there's sone screaming, it's fast, and it's heavy. I've heard people say a lot of different things, but straight-aggressive is where i think we should be"

KiTTiE was voted Alternative Press' BAND OF THE WEEK 4-17-00

I must comend METAL EDGE magazine. They are the first magazine i've read an article in kittie about and not been mad afterwards. They're Jan 2001 issue was amazing! It had a 4 page article with a 2 page picture. The article was the complete opposite from what you'd expect to see. It was all about the music! Not going on and on about how young and sexy and Canadian they are. It talked about they're music and them as people and musicians, not girl power freaked fems... it also included an interview with the band concerning KITTIE, not THE GIRLS.

well email me and let me know what you think... i'll post all emails on this page...

From: Blair ***
Subject: your kittie opinion
Date: February 9, 2001 6:35:43 PM EST

hey i visited your kittie site that u posted in my guestbook at Gothic Kittie. i totally agree with the opinion you have there, although towards the end of some articles they start talking about up coming projects but it's not the main idea of the article. i love metal edge too. it's the best magazine out there. they dont just have the popular bullshit. they have lots of older bands and unknown bands in there that circus and hit parader probably dont even know of. good job. i gotta go look at the rest of your site now.
bye, Blair*


From: Karo
Subject: Your Kittie Site
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 15:46:34 PM EST

Hi there,
I agree 100% with your opinion about the media image of Kittie. I'm a female guitarist myself, and I'm SICK of not being taken serious by the macho shitheads!
Your Kittie site rocks, and I'd love to have it in my webring at
Hope to hear from you, Karo


From: SlipKnoT37887615
Subject: your KiTTiE site kicks ass!!!
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 14:02:19 EDT

Hey, what's up? i'm a big fan of KiTTiE, and KiTTiEKaT is one of the best KiTTiE sites that i've ever seen, your site is the shit, i hope that it keeps going for a long time, later


From: *AnGeLa*
Subject: hi
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 05:01:53 EDT

I was broswing around on the web and i came across ur website. I really liked it. Everything on ur page is so neat, nice, creative, colorful, i'll give ya props on that!! i do understand ur opinion about how the media is treating Kittie. It's stupid, their gurls in the rock music industry, they will have alot of competition with the guys, and they r so young. To me, It's all about the music baby!!!!!! lol =) i love their music. it's about to have to have some gurls in this world is like Who Gives A Fuck !! i like that type of people like that. Morgan has the attitude for it !!! thanks a bunch i love ur site !!!!
*~WiT MuCh LuVe~* *AnGeLa*