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My Sarah Brightman Page

My Favourite Things About Sarah Brightman

Hi! You will see on My pages alot of refrences to Sarah Brightman. I have been a fan of Hers' since 1994 when I heard the "Original London Cast Recording of Phantom of the Opera". Since then Sarah Brightman has Become an Inspiring Singer and Person to me. I truly believe that She's a Gift From God! Never before in my 39 years have I ever heard such a Beautiful and Clear Soprano before. Actully, I did not know what a Soprano was :) So I have been collecting Sarah's recordings, Pictures and Images, And would like to share them with you.
I had the Opportunity to see Sarah in Concert last summer and I was Completely Blown Away, Just when I thought that She Has Done Everthing, She Comes out with this Complete New Side of Her in Her CD "Eden" and Her Worldwide Concert "One Night in Eden". Sarah Sang alot Of New Material From her "Eden" CD, Plus She Sang The Bee Gee's "First of May" (Is There Anthing This Lady Can't Do), I am Not Usually Too Emotional, However She Sung "Pie Jesu" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem and From The First Few Notes, I Was Fighting the Tears. Sarah also Sang Three of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Songs, Of Course She Sang "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" and "Music Of The Night" from "Phantom of The Opera", As an Encore Sarah Sang Don't Cry For Me Argentina", To End The Evening Sarah Sung "Time To Say Goodbye", Solo, Was Truly Magnificent. Sarah Is Truly The "Angel Of Music"

( Who Happens To Be My Favorite Singer Worldwide)! I had The Pleasure of Seeing Sarah Brightman this Past June in Toronto in her " One Night In Eden " Concert and I was Completely Blown Away, Just when I thought that She Has Done Everthing, She Comes out with this Complete New Side of Her in Her CD "Eden" and Her Worldwide Concert "One Night in Eden". Sarah Sang alot Of New Material From
her "Eden" CD, Plus She Sang The Bee Gee's "First of May" (Is There Anthing This Lady Can't Do), I am Not Usually Too Emotional, However She Sung "Pie Jesu" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem and From The First Few Notes, I Was Fighting the Tears. Sarah also Sang Three of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Songs, Of Course She Sang "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" and "Music Of The Night" from "Phantom of The Opera", As an Encore Sarah Sang Don't Cry For Me Argentina", To End The Evening Sarah Sung "Time To Say Goodbye", Solo, Was Truly Magnificent. Sarah Is Truly The "Angel Of Music"

This Of Course Is My Favorite Lady Sarah Brightman

This Picture is From a film Sarah's Had a Part in!....Thanks Elden!

A Bit about Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman made her theatrical debut at the age of 13 in I and Albert at the Piccadilly Theatre, London. At 16,she became the youngest member of the dance group Pan's People,which was featured on Britain's Top of the Pops television program in the 1960's and '70's. At age 18, she won a place in Arlene Philips' dance/singing group Hot Gossip. With Hot Gossip, she hit the British charts for the first time, singing lead on the top-5 song I lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper. Shortly after working with the group Hot Gossip, Sarah won a part in the original cast of Cats at the New London Theatre in 1981. In 1982, in her first starring theatrical role, she premiered Charles Strouse's opera for children, The Nightingale, at the Buxton Festival, a role she repeated at the Lyric, Hammersmith. Around this time, Sarah began training her voice more in the classical tradition, studying with both a private vocal coach, and taking classes at the Royal College of Music. In 1985 she premiered Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem" in New York and London, for which she received a Grammy nomination as Best New Classical Artist.In the same year, she played the role of Valencienne in The Merry Widow for New Sadler's Wells Opera. A year later, in 1986, Sarah created the role of Christine in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre. She repeated the role in the Broadway production in 1988. Sarah's music has hit the charts in countries all over the world, from Great Britain to the United States to Germany to Japan to Korea. Her hit singles have included, Pie Jesu, All I Ask of You, The Phantom of the Opera, Amigos Para Siempre with Jose Carreras, Time To Say Goodbye with Andrea Bocelli, Something in the Air with Tom Jones, Show Me How To Love You with Jose Cura, A Question of Honor, Heaven is Here, and Who Wants to Live Forever. Sarah has had a number of top-selling albums, including Dive, Fly, Requiem, The Songs That Got Away, and her latest and most successful album ever, Timeless, which has reached number 1 in several countries, selling millions of copies worldwide. In the United States, the album, retitled Time To Say Goodbye, has so far spent 63 weeks on the Classical Crossover chart -- 36 of those at number one. In addition, Sarah has been featured on a number of cast albums for shows in which she appeared, including The Phantom of the Opera, The Nightingale, and Song and Dance. She also portrayed Carrie on the new MCA recording of Carousel. Her latest collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Surrender - The Unexpected Songs, features entirely new interpretations of his work. In 1992, Sarah played the name role in Trelawney of the 'Wells' at the Comedy Theatre, before going on to star in Noel Coward's Relative Values at the 1993 Chichester Festival, which subsequently transferred to the Savoy Theatre in the West End. In 1994, she played Sally Driscoll in Dangerous Obsession, and in 1995, portrayed Miss Giddens in The Innocents at the Haymarket, London. Since 1995, Sarah has toured Japan several times with Placido Domingo, also appearing with him in Christmas in Vienna. Sarah's 1997 concert, taped at London's Royal Albert Hall and featuring the music of Timeless, is one of the most popular programs aired on PBS in the United States. Since its release, the video, titled "Sarah Brightman In Concert," has spent time on video sales charts in several countries. Her latest album, Eden, was released in early November in Europe,and will be released in the United States on April 20th. A world tour began in March in South Africa and will include 18 cities in the United States between June 3 and October.
Here are Some Pictures Of Sarah's Current Concert"One Night
in Eden"
These Pictures are From Elden's
Premiere Sarah Brightman Page

Soprano launching tour in Denver

By Jeff Bradley

Denver Post Critic-at-Large

May 28 - Apart from the Three Tenors, no one performing today has done more to bring operatic singing to the masses than soprano Sarah Brightman, who makes her Denver debut Wednesday by
launching her "One Night in Eden'' tour at the Buell Theatre. Built to stage "The Phantom of the Opera,'' the theater is an apt showcase for the woman who, as composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's wife at the time, portrayed Christine Daae in the original London and New York productions of "Phantom.'' Back then, Brightman was overshadowed by her husband. A shy young singer with a voice of childlike purity, she starred in his
subsequent "Aspects of Love,'' but the couple divorced in 1990. <
"Turning point"
Only then did Brightman, the eldest of six children raised in Hertfordshire north of London, emerge as the crossover star she is today. Moving in 1992 to Hamburg, Germany, to be with her boyfriend, record producer Frank Peterson, the soprano topped the Eu ropean charts with her "Amigos para Siempre (Friends for Life)'' duet with tenor JoseŽ Carreras, made electronic dance and retropop albums, and by sheer chance heard an obscure record by blind Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. That song, "Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro),'' rerecorded as a duet in 1997, topped the Billboard crossover chart for 35 weeks and sold 4 million copies around the world. "The song had been around a long time in Europe. I heard it by accident and felt it was an ever green,'' Brightman said by phone from New York. "I was about to do a TV show and called Andrea's people and said I'd love him to duet on this song. So we did it and it was an overnight success.'' Now embarked on a more personal phase of her career, Brightman doesn't foresee further collaborations with Bocelli. "I wouldn't think so. That piece of magic has been spent.'' nstead, the soprano's new album "Eden'' (Angel 56769) and her PBS special "One Night in Eden,'' airing on Channel 6 at 9 p.m. June 5, reveal a confident and mature artist finding beautiful melodies in pop, folk, movie, opera and baroque music. And recording a song of her own for the first time. Sung in Latin with backing by English choir boys and Indian sitars, "In Paradisum'' was inspired by the death of her grandmother. "I've always written music but I never ventured to bring it out to the public. I have a lot of music in my head. It's something I know I'll end up doing. I'll end my career hopefully composing.''
"Too Young"
Brightman, 38, acknowledged that she couldn't have competed in that department when wed to Lloyd Webber. "I was too young at that time, but it was an interesting process, watching and living with a composer.'' She still includes her ex-husband's songs in her concerts, including "Phantom'' hits "Wishing You Were Here Again'' and "The Music of the Night.'' The latter tune is sung by the Phantom in the show, but it was originally intended for Brightman. "It ended up as the Phantom's song, but it was written for me in the early '80s. It had a different title at that time but didn't work out. Trevor Nunn wrote the original lyrics.'' Techno-pop hit, The title track from "Eden'' was a 1998 techno-pop hit for Hooverphonic. Producer Peterson keeps the contemporary rhythm but backs Brightman with a lush orchestra and the New College Oxford Choir. The lyrics eerily suggest the thoughts of a woman looking back on a failed love: "Did you ever think of me as your best friend? Did I ever think of you?'' Although full of soft lyricism, this mood of remembrance and nostalgia permeates the album. To a traditional melody, her lyrics for "So Many Things'' begin: "And so many things I'd forgotten, in a world that we shared, with so many things for the asking.'' There's Gabriel Yared's love music from "The English Patient,'' an Italian version of "My Heart Will Go On'' from "Titanic,'' music by Albinoni, Handel and Puccini, and an update of the '70s Kansas hit "Dust in the Wind.'' "I wanted something very rich and rounded with a lot of depth, something very peaceful and quite spiritual that would create emotions for people,'' said Brightman, who began her stage career at the age of 3 as a ballet dancer. She made her West End debut at 13 in "I and Albert'' and two years later joined the dance troupe Pan's People on the British TV show "Top of the Pops.'' From there, she joined Hot Gossip and scored a hit single with "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper.'' She met Lloyd Webber as a member of the chorus in his 1981 musical "Cats.'' "I came from a pretty normal background. My parents listened to the music of the time. Maybe because of this, I have an instinct for what people in general enjoy.'' Brightman, whose favorite book is Hardy's "The Mayor of Casterbridge'' and favorite movie "The French Lieutenant's Woman,'' regularly works with a voice coach in Italy where she keeps a country house. She also has homes in London and the coast of Spain, where her mother lives.
"Worldwide ties"
"You go where your ties are. I've traveled for so long, I don't think about why I'm in a particular country. It's just become part of my life.''

Sarah Performing in "One Night In

This A Great CD by Sarah, It was Called "Timeless" in Europe, and "Time To Say GoodBye" In North America.

This is One of My Favorite Songs Sarah has Song, From Timless/Time To Say GoodBye
"No One Like You"

And reach out will it not be soft and kind
At rest from life
from patience and from pain
At rest from bliss
we know not when we find
How can I have enough of life and love

In your eyes are my secrets

that I've never shown you

In my heart I feel

I've always known you

In your arms there's a comfort

that I never knew

You're what I've been waiting for

there's no one like you

Sure as the sunrise

pure as a prayer

You fashioned hope

right out of thin air

Every dream I abandoned

seems it could come true

I believe in miracles

there's no one like you

Innocent as a newborn

in a world so frightening

It's as if my world's

been struck by lightning

Every dream I abandoned,

seems it could come true

I believe in miracles,

there's no one like you

This is Sarha's Most recent, Excellent, Best Sarah Has Done To Date. Recently Finished World Tour "One Night in Eden"

"Only an ocean away"

I see a shadow every day and night.
I walk a hundred streets of neon lights,
Only when I'm crying.
Can you hear me crying.
So many times you always wanted more,
Chasing illusions that you're longing for.
Wish I wasn't crying.
Can you hear me crying.

There's an ocean between us.
You know where to find me.
You reach out and touch me.
I feel you in my own heart.
More than a lifetime.
Still goes on forever.
But it helps to remember
You're only an ocean away.

Was there a moment when I felt no pain.
I want to feel it in my life again.
Let it be over now.
Oh Oh over now.
'Cause I remember all the days and nights
We used to walk the streets of neon lights
Oh I want you here with me.
Oh be here with me.

There's an ocean between us.
You know where to find me.
You reach out and touch me.
I feel you in my own heart.
More than a lifetime
Still goes on forever.
But it helps to remember
You're only an ocean away.

So many times you always wanted more,
Chasing illusions that you're longing for.
Wish I wasn't crying.
Can you hear me crying.

There's an ocean between us.
You know where to find me.
Just reach out and touch me.
I feel you in my own heart.
More than a lifetime
It seems like forever.
But I'll always remember
You're only an ocean away.

Only an ocean away.

Music: Per Andréason Lyrics: Per Andréason / Don Black

This is Sarah's Newest Album, "La Luna", Sarah is Currently on Tour Promting this CD and is Receiving Great Reviews!

Here are Some Pictures Of Sarah's "ONE NIGHT IN EDEN Concert"One Night
in Eden"
These Pictures are From Elden's
Premiere Sarah Brightman Page

This Is a Review of Sarahs' "One Night In Eden Concert" Sarah Brightman
San Jose CPA, Tues. Sept. 14, 1999

Sarah Brightman is a vocal prodigy. Coming to fame early in the 1980s as the new find, and love, of theater genius Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah took off on her own wings and has carved a very popular niche for herself. Sarah can certainly sing, and sing she does in many different styles. Her forté has been in musicals, such as Cats and Phantom Of The Opera, but she has also covered such rock classics as Brian May's (of Queen) "Who Wants To Live Forever" and Kansas' "Dust In The Wind." The song she is most known for, "Time To Say Goodbye" has sold more worldwide than any other song ever. Currently, Sarah has been touring for her One Night In Eden show which displayed her songs in very colorful and interestingly designed theater setting.
The show opened with several characters in Celtic monk cloaks walking out with candles burning. They parted the red velvety curtain which showed Sarah laying on an elegant chaise lounge as Cleopatra. During "Who Wants To Live Forever" the set was lit as waves of clouds floated about the stage. The orchestra went into an instrumental before Sarah changed costumes and returned to sing several Spanish and Italian influenced songs. One of these was "Nella Fantasia" which was inspired by an instrumental soundtrack for the film, "The Mission", which Sarah had begged the composer to allow her to put lyrics to. The final song of the first set was "Nessun Dorma."
After the 20 minute break, Sarah returned on a stage now lit as an underwater ocean fantasy with the hint of dolphins swimming in the background as she launched into her "oceanic" set of two numbers - "La Mer" and "Dive/Captain Nemo". During the first number, Sarah was flown into the air as though swimming angelically beneath the waves. Then, upon the end of the song, the backdrop lowered as though the oceans receded downwards and the railing of a ship appeared as Sarah went into her rendition of the theme to Titanic, in Italian. Sarah also performed some of the songs for which she is best known as she sang "Phantom Suite: Twisted Every Way - Overture - Little Lottie" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" from Phantom Of The Opera as well as "Music Of The Night", before ending the second set. An encore was, of course, expected as Sarah returned to the stage to perform her final and most classic number, the appropriately titled "Time To Say Goodbye", which she sang flawlessly. Her accompanying musicians, which included orchestra, along with her dancers are to be applauded for laying the musical foundation for Sarah to work off of. After a rather loud musical overpowering of Sarah's voice in the first number, the vocals and music went on to layer themselves nicely within each other.
Although, arguably, perhaps a bit self-indulgent by some standards, Sarah Brightman is truly a work of art to be seen. Her voice seems to attach itself to any range as she controls it with perfection. Her beauty is effervescent as she performs in her young, sprite-like demeanor. Aside from just her magical voice, Sarah moves with the grace and agility of a fairie while maintaining the dignity of a princess.
At the completion of this tour, she is planning to take a sabbatical for an extended time before beginning work on a new CD which will contain her own penned tunes. That will be the true definer that will lock her into place in music history.

Elden's Wonderful Premiere Sarah Brightman Site!

I had the Fortune to See Sarah again in Concert, In Toronto,September, 16, 2000. What A remarkable Lady, Sarah was at her best! Sarah did a lot of Songs from Her New CD "LaLuna" and was very Impressive. She also included songs from Other CDS Such as "Who Wants to Live Forever" and "There for Me" from Timeless/Time to Say Goodbye.Sarah Performed "Deliver Me"(Performed on A Cable above a Globe Like Moon) and "Nessun Dorma" from Eden. Wow, what a Performance. I have to Back Track to The Beginning of the Show. Sarah Came on Stage at the Start of The Show,To "LaLune"/"Winter in July", wich she actually did some dancing on the stage with her dancers; Remarkable! Sarah is a Truly "Gift From God" with Her Voice, She Sang a Rendition of "Pie Jesu" from Lloyd Webber's "Requiem". This Brought me to tears,as Did "Hijo de la Luna". Sarah Sang her Most Classical Pieces in The First Act, with incredible Voice! Sarah also Sang her Singnature Songs From "Phantom of The Opera", "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" & "Music of the Night", wich she said was her last Song for The evening. Sarah Then Came out For 3 Encores, The First, was "Moon River", Then Suspended from Wires again, to everyone's(mine Included)surprise, Sarah Performed "Question of Honour" From her Fly CD. Awsome! Sarah Sang a Solo Version of "Time To Say Goodbye" To her 3rd or 4th Standing Ovation!I then went and Found out where Sarah might leaving the Venue after the Concert! We Waited about an Hour and Finally Stopped her Bus. Sarah got off the Bus to Hugs and Signing, Frank Peterson (Sarah's Boyfriend/Producer/Arranger). He Saw Me and Said "I know you", must be from Ash's Forum. Then I Looked at Sarah, Wow, She is So Beautiful, Sarah was Whispering to Save her Voice, Frank made Sure I had My Picture with Sarah. Then I told Sarah That I loved her Music, and squeezed my hand. Sarah Brightman and Frank Peterson have to be Two of The Nicest People I have ever Met! Thank you Again For an Incredible evening, your music and for Just being!

This is a Picture of Sarah and myself at The Toronto Concert!

This is a Picture Some of My Fellow Forumer from Ash's Forum: Opera Ghost with Sarah in Ottawa!


Brightman's flair for theatrics

Singer's acrobatics, operatic depth highlight concert

Lynn Saxberg
The Ottawa Citizen

Chris Mikula, The Ottawa Citizen / British singer Sarah Brightman's highly theatrical performance at the Corel Centre Friday night featured a five-piece band, a 17-piece orchestra and a 12-voice choir. The orchestra and the choir were all performers from the Ottawa area.

Chris Mikula, The Ottawa Citizen / Sarah Brightman has a wide-ranging body of work, from Phantom of the Opera show tunes, to classical compositions, to pop songs.

It's tempting to dismiss Sarah Brightman as a cross between Nana Mouskouri and Celine Dion -- a pseudo classical warbler with a penchant for over-the-top vocal gymnastics.

But after the British singer's concert at the Corel Centre's WordPerfect Theatre on Friday, that description doesn't do her full justice. It needs a few more qualifiers to capture her flair for theatrics, the operatic depth of her voice and her Cirque de Soleil acrobatics.

For Brightman did body flips while suspended in the air. She performed in front of a sheet of fireworks that looked like 100,000 cascading sparklers. There was a smoke machine, a confetti machine and a wind machine that rippled the fabric laid across the stage. The lighting was intricate; the set almost made you forget you were in a hockey arena.

And the costume changes. Brightman started out in a gothic dominatrix get-up of slit-up-to-there black leather and spike-heeled, knee-high boots that Cher would die for. Then she became a Celtic fairy princess in a see-through sequined ballgown skirt. Later, she wore an elegant white gown and then a see-through spider-web dress over hot pants. The only constant was a waist-length mass of ringlets topped by a twinkling tiara.

Detractors would criticize the petite, curvy entertainer for dressing up the stage (and herself) to make the music seem more substantial. But that kind of trick belongs to such artists as Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera -- someone trying to make a little go a long way.

Brightman, on the other hand, has a wide-ranging body of work, from her Phantom of the Opera show tunes to serious classical compositions to carefully selected pop songs. Her career has spanned almost a decade as a solo artist, plus a few years as a musical theatre performer.

Perhaps most impressive, even to ears unused to classical music, was the care and attention with which she performed classically flavoured material such as Pie Jesu and Dvorak's La Luna. They were not, for the most part, pumped up with rock instruments or dance beats. Yet her performance was rich in theatrics: At one point Brightman performed on the top of a tower, yards of flowing red fabric surrounding her and a halo of stars framing her head -- it was a chapter taken from the most elaborate of operas.

To my surprise, the pieces I was looking forward to -- '60s pop songs Scarborough Fair and A Whiter Shade of Pale --seemed to pale in comparison, as if Brightman knew she didn't have to work as hard to sing them.

In general, Brightman's voice was full, well-rounded and carefully enunciated, but it had a slightly unnatural quality, perhaps a result of the amplification system, or maybe her sore throat. Whatever the reason, it stole some of the crystalline purity of her soprano.

However, from my vantage point, the sonic balance between the five-piece band, 17-piece string orchestra, 12-voice choir and the star herself, was nearly flawless, although there were complaints from some fans in the upper reaches of the arena that the band and strings overpowered Brightman's voice. The choir and orchestra, by the way, made up of area professionals, were a big part of the show and performed admirably.

Least appealing was the impression that Brightman was playing a role throughout the concert. There was no sense of her real personality as she gazed upward into the middle distance, smiled as if enraptured by the music and spread her arms.

The most insincere moment came during There For Me, a duet with a man who was not introduced, and who seemed stiff on stage. Brightman, however, gave the faceless tenor a radiant smile, as if filled with love, and a tender hug at the end of the song. How corny.

She made even less of an attempt to connect with the audience members, only speaking to welcome them and, two hours later, let them know the last song was coming (before she came back for a standing ovation and three encores).

Despite the empty seats in the third level, attendance was more than enough to count as a sellout for the WordPerfect Theatre (usually the third level is blocked off in the theatre configuration).

About 5,700 adult admirers, ranging from well-dressed urban professionals to well-dressed retirees -- with an occasional music student in the mix -- lapped up the first performance on Brightman's extensive North American tour to promote her new La Luna album.

To borrow a phrase from one of Brightman's signature Phantom of the Opera songs, they went for the power of the music of the night -- and came away amused by its sweeping special effects.

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This Picture is From Sarah's "La Luna" Concert
Here are Some Pictures Of Sarah's Current "La Luna" Concert


I saw Sarah in Hamilton, Ontario on March 20, 2001.
Sarah was even better than I saw her in September of 2000!
The Show has changed slightly from the Fall Leg of The Tour, But Sarah was Superb!
Her Voice was even more Pure and When Sarah Hit those Wonderous High notes at the End
of "La Luna", "La Callifa" and "Nessun Dorma", I was brought to tears!
Sarah is The Only Artist who has a Pure Soprano who has ever moved me like this!
Thank You Sarah For a Wonderful album, Wonderful Concerts in September and March, and
Thank You Frank Peterson for the wonderful arangements and Music!

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