The Ads on this Page do NOT accurately portray My Website. No worldly thing can filled the God sized hole in your life. That is why I want to worship Him both now and forever.

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Hello everyone my name is Erik Willis and I am looking forward to building this webpage for others like myself who love to worship God! Harvest Christian Fellowship is the church that I attend in beautiful Keene,NH! My main objective in creating this homepage is to have worship songs available for all those who seek to worship him in spirit and in truth! I will be adding links to visit if you are looking for music to buy, free tab of many christian songs and books to buy about a variety of topics to equip God's people for the endtime Harvest! Feel free to sign my guestbook at the bottom of this page and to post any links that you think I should add to support my goal of establishing the best website for worship that I possibly can! Also if you have the time drop me a line at You can send the songs that way or you can post them after signing my guestbook. I will then upload the files into the directory on my homepage. All you have to do is type in my http address which is and then add another slash to look for songs alphabetically. So for example if you wanted to look in the a section you would simply type in and so on and so forth. I will also have a christmas section which is going to be under my address above under the subdirectory /christmas. In addition I will have a new section under subdirectory /new and an old spiritual and hymn section under the subdirectory /spiritual I will also be sorting songs alphabetically based on the name of the artist or band that sings the song. So if you do not find a song by name try looking under the name of the artist you are looking for. To look for a song by artist simply type in my http address above and then forward slash and then the first 3 letters in the name of the artist or band you are looking for.So for example if you wanted to look for songs by delirious you could simply type in . If the computer tells you that it is unable to find this page then I do not have any songs from this artist just yet but I hopefully will soon enough. If I cannot get it just leave me your email address and I will try to find it for you okay?

Links Section

Helpful Music and Book Sites

Vineyard Music Feel free to print out any of these songs and send me your interpretation of them. Again only send YOUR interpretation of the song and not Vineyards Thanks! Actually let me add a few pointers in the direction of music I am looking for in terms of albums. 1.The Burn Service 2. Hungry 3. Any song on the last three vineyard albums starting at Its all about Jesus secondly Name above all and last but not least Healing in your wings. Just so you know I am working on learning how to tab now so I will not be leaving all the work to you guys! How do you like them apples?

WorshipMusic A great online resource for those who love to worship HIM! A plethera of music as well as music reviews on the newest albums.

WorshipTogether Yet another great source for those who love to worship Him! In addition they have many great links Some of these include CCLI, The Bible Gateway and The Gospel Communication Network which is a group of over 120 members dedicated to spreading the gospel over the internet. I am not a member of this network just an honorary member!LOL. Any music from any of the Passion albums would be cool and Revival Generation DELIRIOUS! especially the newest album Mezzamorphis and indies Matt Redman, Paul Oakley,Seth Peterson, Darrell Evans, Kate Miner, Rita Springer,etc, etc...

PASSION! Yet another great website especially for the college aged student!

THE RIGHTEOUS OAK is a local bookstore in Keene New Hampshire and I know the owner very well. The store can get you just about anything you want whether it be music or books or bibles or bible games or Sunday school material.You name it they most likely can get it for you! By the way I would like to take this time to stand up for the small Christian businesses by saying that it is importantto support them because they provided us with resources long before the information age came along. So if you are looking for music and the like please check out this site! Thank you!

CBD is probably the biggest resource of them all for everything that you could possibly want concerning your walk with God!

Jars of Christian Tabs!

Helpful Bible Study Tools

Strongs Concordance A great way to learn the original greek and Hebrew meanings of words in the Bible!

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