April 1, 2000

Well, here's another picture that I have of myself. This was Taken on April 1, 2000 so it's a very recent pictures of myself. Well, what can I say about this day............. For one thing I didn't do anything much. Early in the morning I took my sisters and brothers to school......After that I went to the gym and do a few exercised and I also play a few game of pool..............Then, around 12:00 p.m I came back home and pick my little sister Cassy to Pre-School.........After that, I went to my old high school and pick my sisters up..................When I went and pick my sister up she asked me if I could take her and her friend Kathy Vue to eat...........After we finished eating I took Kathy home and then we came home. The End.

To some of you that don't know me, I'm not a gang banger, so don't let my GUN fool you. I'm pretty much likes to hunt during the summer. So, this is the gun that I used to hunt squirrels, doves, and turkeys. Although, This is not the clothing that I wear during hunting season. The clothing that I wear to hunt is more like army clothing. Well, now ya know what I have and what I love to do for fun during the summer. Oh, if ya never hunt before, ya should give it a try because it's very fun, especially doves season. Well, this is all I have to say about my funny lives.--------->MuCh LoVe AnD ReSpEct To AlL Ya, Alrite?