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Writer and Poet Awards 2000

Welcome to the Writer and Poet Awards 2000...... And the results are in!

I surprisingly recieved many nominations, but I chose not to them all in the contest. I read over each story and poem myself chossing which ones I felt actually deserved an award.

Now it is up to you guys to pick who comes out on top! Below is the links to all the winners, so you may read each piece of work. Then e-mail me with your chice.

You may vote as many times as you like.

In the subject line put in the title of the story. Then in the message area simply state which catergory (or catergories) you like like to vote for it! Best of Luck to all the winners!

Best Full Length Story

Prison of Lies
The day The Earth Moved
Nothing But The Best
Lead The Dance
Thank Your The Lucky Stars

Best Short Story

Stay Tonight
Through Words Unspoken
Closing Time

Best Dramatic Story

Lead The Dance
The Best Kind of Alone
To Make Me Who I Am

Best Character Development

Lead The Dance
Nothing But The Best
Just Like You and Me

Best Poems


  • I would have simply given her the award, but I wanted to share it with the rest of you.....

    And Finally.........

    The Best Writer of 2000

    The Auter of Lead The Dance
    The Auter of Nothing But The Best
    The Auther of A Little Bit of You
    The Auther of Glint of Heaven

    Best of Luck! Please, e-mail me with your comments and selections.