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Grand Central Station Pictures GCS Website

Elizabeth Delagrave Groovin' during the Closer!

Jeff Johnson Bustin' a Move during the Dance Break!

Mandy Erdmann singing her beautiful Solo in "One Voice"

Grand Central Station posing at the end of "Smack Dab"!

Brian Balfany and Emmanuel Cannady goofing around in the Halls at Jefferson.

Natalie Bucey and Tony Zobeck show how cute a couple they are!

Joe Hammes haveing a little fun on stage!

GCS turns up the heat during there closer Livin' La Vida Loca!

Ryan Overholt, Foles, Joe Hammes, and Brian Balfany sing the ballad.

Scott Jenks sings the ballad with Heart and Soul!

GCS ends there second number witha bang!

GCS really gets into Smack Dab!

These fabulous dancers in red surround Ben Larson as he hops on his platform for his solo!

Grand Central Station Poses for the camera after central's holiday show!

Ben Larson Reaches for the Audience during Smack Dab!

Leslie Leach Hangs out at Jefferson!

The GCS Guys Go Down to the Floor during a Huge Dance Break!

Jeff Johnson Singing his heart out during a GCS Show!

Tony takes in all the glory during his Solo!

Chris Andresen Hangs out at a table with Jeff Johnson who takes this picture.

Jeff Johnson Flashes a quick smile during he ballad as he sees me take his picture!

Emmanuel Cannady and Ben Larson hang out in the halls at Jefferson!

Ben Larson Fires up during his Solo in Livin' La Vida Loca!

This is a Pretty cool picture of Jeff that I made CHECK THIS OUT!!!

Abby Ryan, Andy McLees, Jenny Graw, Dustin Bagstad, and Ben Regner have a Great time Hanging Out!