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This is a fan site dedicated to a wonderful man and a fabulous band. The designers of this page--Jackie and Charitie--wish to inform the viewers that this page is simply a fan site and nothing more. Do not take what is written on the next pages to be anything more than fans rambling away. If you wish to accept the following as truth, then that is your business and none of our own. However, we do hope that you enjoy the little sneak peek into our minds.

---Jackie & Charitie---

And we would also like to
thank our baby, Thomas
for helping us with the graphics.
Babe, you're phenomenal.

Following The Divine...

No one can tell, but Charitie and I hated each other upon our first meeting. We have come a long way since then. She is basically my twin, and I am hers. If it was not for Charitie, I would never have heard the lush sounds of Placebo, the charisma of David Bowie, or the musical drive of Pink Floyd. I owe her a great deal, and that is partly why this page even exists. The other reason is because I have developed a keen fascination with Placebo, Brian Molko in particular.

This picture is one of the firsts that I have ever seen of Brian Molko, and to my mind, it is no wonder that I became fascinated. I mean, a man that can look that good in a dress and has an incredibly sexy voice is worthy enough of my attention. I may sound arrogant or completely assured of my self-worth, but I am only being honest. I am very selective of who I admire, and they have to pass an incredibly strenuous survey: Brian passed with flying colours.

A Tribute To Chair...

I am posting this picture as a tribute to Charitie. She absolutely adores this picture. And as a matter of fact, she has a bowl full of red lollies setting on her desk in her dorm room. Charitie is mesmerized by the way that Brian seems to be stroking the lolly with his tongue, encouraging the viewer to get one of their own. He has a provocative mixture of "touch me" and "just look, please". It is really quite frustrating. You do not really know if you should take him seriously or just at face-value. Either way, he is a tempting man that can barely be denied. The guys themselves, and together, are a pure joy to behold. They work well together; they blend.

To Continue...

Here are some more pages for you to browse through. We sincerely hope you enjoy what you see, and if there is anything you would like more of, just let us know.

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