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List of material read in World Literature Adv 12

First Semester


Origin myths:

            How the World Was Made

            The Wooden People

            Coyote and the Origin of Death

Hero stories:


            Osiris and Isis

            Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


            Song of Roland

            Epic of Gilgamesh

            Thor and Loki



            New Kingdom Love Lyrics

            Great Hymn to Aten

            Egyptian Poetry

            I Was Simply Off to See Nefrus My Friend

            A Dialogue of a Man with His Soul

            I Think I Will Go Home and Lie Very Still

Parables, Anecdotes, and Dilemma Tales:

            Wondrous Powers

            The 5 Helpers

            The Man Who Fled from Azreal

            The Elephant in the Dark House

            The Soul of Goodness in Things Evil

            The Greek and Chinese Artists . . .

            Rig Veda selections

            African Proverbs

            The Padshah and the Slave

            A Vision of the Sultan Mahmud

            Nishirvan the Just

            A Pious Child

            Confucious Analects

            Taoist Anecdotes

            Tao Te Ching

            Zen Parables

Aristocratic Writings:


            The Pillow Book

            The Grail