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What is this years case?

This years case is Lee and Andi Smith V. J.J. Thompson.
It is a wrongful death suit.
A summary of the case is as follows:

On February 8, 2002, Derric Smith, a seven-year-old boy, died as a result of allegedly being struck by a vehicle in front of his home in State Center, Midlands. J.J. Thompson, the defendant, is being sued by the parents of Derric Smith for allegedly hitting their son thereby causing his wrongful and untimely death.

The Witnesses in this case are:

J.J. Thompson- accountant, defendant in the case
Lee Smith- investment banker, parent of Derric Smith
Andi Smith- physician, parent of Derric Smith
Ryan/Ryanne Stanfield- police officer
Erin Harper- accountant, friend of the defendant J.J. Thompson
Jo Blount- bar tender at McGee's Tavern
Abe/Abbe Brun- forensic expert, specialist in vehicle accident reconstruction
Dr. Don/Donna Racheter - coroner for the state of Midlands, performed autopsy
Carter Palmer- homemaker, witness to the accident
C. J. Calhoon- license plate analyst for the DMV
Elisha Brown- medical examiner, wrote dissenting autopsy findings

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