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Transformations Massage Therapy Clinic

Transformations Massage Therapy Clinic

Our Commitment: To provide out clients with a relaxing and therapeutic environment based on one premise, "Its all about YOU." We want to see pictures of your grandkids, hear about the latest chocolate only diet and laugh with you about life and all of its blessings! Here you will find a team dedicated to you and your needs and taking the world off your shoulders (if only for an hour at a time).

Welcome to our family! We hope to become part of yours.

Menu of Services

Swedish Massage

A full body massage focused on relaxation and stress management. The massage strokes for this modality are long and fluid and work on muscle groups rather than individual muscles. The pressure used by the therapist varies depending on the client preference. The difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue is general versus specific muscle work and not depth of pressure.

30 minutes - $35.00
60 minutes - $65.00
90 minutes - $95.00

Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage

A full-body massage focused on relief of tight musculature and used as a tool for pain management for clients with injuries and trauma. The massage strokes blends Swedish techniques along with deep stripping of specific muscles in the areas of high tone. Trigger point is a pressure application of utilizing the body's own chemical defense systems to assist with hypertonic musculature resulting in pain alleviation

30 minutes - $35.00
60 minutes - $65.00
90 minutes - $95.00

LaStone Therapeutic Massage

This is a one and a half hour massage that combines the deep penetrating heat of basalt lava stones in combination with the aromatherapy oils to achieve a deeper level of relaxation than traditional massage techniques. Let the head of these stones melt away your tensions while chakra stones balance your life energies, bringing you to a whole new dimension of relaxation

90 minutes - $105.00

Foot Reflexology

This one-hour treatment begins with hot stone application to the calves and feet. The reflexology (pressure points) of the feet are then worked to promote optimal organ function as well as to unblock the Chi (meridian energy) pathways of the body. This modality is completed with a hot towel and wrap from the knees down.

60 minutes - $75.00

Aromatherapy Massage

A one-hour therapeutic massage focusing on the stress relieving properties of essential oils to assist with the emotional well being of the client. The client experiences the benefits of these oils both through the olfactory senses and through the penetration of the skin's pores during the massage. The massage strokes are lighter in pressure and are intended to facilitate bringing the client to a balance and to a buoyant and relaxed state. Each session begins with a 15 minute consultation so that the oils can be blended to meet each client's individual needs.

75 minutes - $75.00

Pregnancy Massage

This 75 minute massage is specifically orchestrated for the needs of expectant mothers. This Technique is performed side-lying while mom wraps herself around full body pillows for ultimate relaxation. Our therapist spend extra time working on lower back, shoulders, and neck tissue. Dont worry about missing anything, we build restroom breaks into the time of this massage!

75 minutes - $75.00

Post-Natal Care

Let us help you with the stresses and soreness associated with your first few months at home with baby. Ask the proud Grandmother over for an afternoon visit and we will set up a massage table in your home for a one hour relaxation session. Dont worry if you fall asleep on our table! We take the sounds of snoring as a compliment.

In clinic: 60 minutes - $75.00
Housecall: 60 minutes - $95.00

Therapeutic Massage for Seniors

One of the biggest fears for many seniors is the loss of range of motion or mobility after an illness or injury. Our therapists are specially trained in Senior maladies and utilize massage techniques orchestrated to improve range of motion, decrease swelling in extremeties (lymphedema) and improve mobility. This half our sessioin can be performed either in the clinic or at the client's residence.

In clinic: 30 minutes - $35.00
Housecall: 30 minutes - $55.00

On-Site Chair Massage

Having a special event and need an on site chair massage team? We can help! Throw a slumber party for your friends, provide a stress reducing day for your employees at the office or bring us out to your family reunion. Do you want to see a better turn out at your Grand Opening or expo booth? We can help - everyone loves massage!

Average price per minute - $1.00
(minimum 60 minutes)

Non Profit / Charity Events

"Will work for T-shirts"
Have a charity walkathon or event and need another way to raise money? We are always looking for ways to "give back" to our community! Let our team take the stress out of your event by performing chair massage with all the proceeds going to your charity! Call with details of your event early so that we can ensure team availability.

Bonnie Komenda -LMBT 3643

(919) 274-4786
1300 SE Maynard , Suite 201
Cary, North Carolina