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Some of these files are large, please have patience while downloading.

BBC Front BBC Back

11/8/75 Front 11/8/75 Back

Chicken Skin Revue Front Chicken Skin Revue Back

Cotati Cabaret Front Cotati Cabaret Back

Laguna Seca Front Laguna Seca Back

Travelin' Man Front Travelin Man Back

Live In The USA Front Live In The USA Back

Amsterdam Front Amsterdam Back

Borderline Front v.1 Borderline Back v.1
Borderline Front v.2 Borderline Back v.2

Vienna State Front Vienna State Back

Tamp Em' Up Solid Front Tamp Em' Up Solid Back
If Walls Could Sing Front If Walls Could Sing Back

Osaka 1979 Front Osaka 1979 Back

London 1981 Front London 1981 Back

Try Me Front Try Me Back

Greezy Wheels Front Greezy Wheels Back

Slide On Drop Down Front Slide On Drop Down Back

Staatsoper Front Staatsoper Back
Staatsoper Front v.2 Staatsoper Back v.2

This page was constructed by Colin Westcott. This site is intended to help spread the joy of live and rare music. This list is by no means complete. If you have any Ry Cooder Cover Art that is not displayed here, or a higher resolution picture please contact me. I hope to add setlist information as soon as possible.
If you are interested in trading, my list is available HERE. Please keep in mind that trading is a hobby, not a job. Do not offer to buy or sell any recordings not released by an artist or their record company.