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            It has become clearly evident that social stratification exists in modern society and it coexists hand in hand with the multiculturalism that Toronto is known for.  But the deep-rooted belief that death balances all people, rich or poor, is now outdated.  It has become painfully clear that rich in life can mean rich in death and the same factors that create social segregation within a “united” society can also play the same role in death.  Rich and poor still does exist in cemeteries and the rich display this reality using larger-than-life markers and associated ornamentation.  Large, distinctive markers are just one of the signs that stratification within the city of the dead is present.  However, the inferences made in this piece were highly theoretical, given the limited information gained from the sample.  All the presuppositions presented were formulated using the available information, simple logic and an experienced understanding of the social inequalities that persist in modern societies.  It is understood that all the ideas presented could be completely inaccurate and pretentious, but at the same time they could be correct.  Without knowing the precise specifics underlying the social-cultural values and ideologies at that time, no one can ever be sure.  Nevertheless, social stratification does exist in life and in death, and will continue to do so till society in general chooses to adopt an analogous view of modern, traditional mortuary behavior.