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A Comparison of Pattern Drafting
Jennifer Burden

The initial idea behind fashion pattern drafting software is to input into the
computer your body measurements, select the different fashion styles available,
and surprise!  Out prints a pattern.  It sounds pretty easy, but don't be fooled.  
Today's pattern drafting software is complex and detail oriented.  The user of
such programs will have a certain amount of education in pattern drafting and
general garment construction.  This web-page is designed to assist the amateur
or entry-level professional sewer to make an informed decision regarding the
latest technology in pattern drafting software.  My research includes:

Information of current programs available on the market.

Important comparison graphs/ tables.

Pricing information.

Links to other sites.

    I have researched four different pattern drafting programs currently  available
on the market that I believe would be the most intelligent choices for the amateur
and entry- level professional sewer.  There are pattern drafting programs on the
market today that offer a wide range of professional features and selections of
fashion styles for the home sewer.  Keep in mind, that new and innovative pattern
drafting software is entering the market at such a staggering rate that it is hard to
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