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College Life at UCLA

Welcome friends and family.Thank you for visiting my site!

Don't worry 'bout me! I am going to have fun and will be STUDYING for the most-part. This quarter, I am going to take Anthropology, Physics, and a Psych Statistics and will get into as many clubs and athletic events as possible...You'll probably be reading about it in later times.

This is my first webpage ever, so I am going to make it fun and interesting.

Now I have to tell you about where I'm going to stay this year...It is called the Hilgard House, a group of four houses that house about 160 transfer students. I will definitely meet a lot of people while I'm here. UCLA is also part of Westwood, a hotspot college kids and fun. Pretty soon, I'll know the town well and I could show you around when you visit. Right across the street is the Fox theater, where all the movie premiers are...I am going to be very close to the stars!

Overall I am very excited about starting the next chapter in my life. It will be scary at first, but I will be okay. See you during the holidays!

Love, Monique




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