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Warlock's Tower

Welcome to The Warlock's Tower, I am your host Lord Shiva Shiven.

Many of you may know me from Vagabond's Quest, or from Antrophia as the country Nadia. This is my first web page so it might not be that good.

Check out the poems and the pictures pages.

About Me

My name Is Donny Durham. I live in Virginia. I'm 24 years old and my B-day is January 22. I have one brother and one sister. My brothers name is Billy and my sisters is Rebecca. My siter has two sons, D.J. and Austin. I like Punk, Rock, and Alternative music. I like to read fantasy books, mainly DragonLance. I also enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering. I have been playing since X-mas '97. I love to play computer games and hang out on the net.

Open Portals

Vagabond's Quest
Earth: 2025