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Barn Owls

By Micaela



Hello! Im a barn owl and my name is Princess . Let me tell you a bit about my life .


Description- I am about 17 or 18 inches in height. I

Weigh about 1 pound. My wingspan is up to 43 inches! Wow!

Thats long! Hay - did you know that a female barn owl is larger than a male? As you can see in my pretty picture, I have a white, heart shaped face and a red-brown speckled body . Us barn owls can readily be distinguished from other owls by our unique shape, color and voice . We have long feathered legs, and make a loud rasping hiss rather than the hoot associated with other owls . The barn owl is primarily white with buff yellow tawny shadings.

Habits Barn owls more nocturnal than other owls . Before day light they retire to some shadowed or enclosed area . The barn owl prefers small mammals but occasionally in winter it will take small birds. The prey is torn apart and swallowed bones skull and all. The indigestible parts are formed into pellets and disgorged at the roosting area .


Habitat The barn owl hunts in areas rich in rodents, along dessert washes and canyons where trees for perching are available. Even abandoned buildings, because barn owls such as myself like to live in abandoned buildings.


Life history- Young are covered with fuzzy down . Both parents brood and feed young. The male barn owl will bring food to a brooding female . Young barn owls, called owlets, mature in 10- 12 weeks. The barn owls life span is 5-11 years in the wild.


Well, its almost time for me to go and catch my dinner See you later, alligator!!!