Lisa's Coupon Place
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Lisa's Coupon Place

~ Trading coupons since 2000 ~

Trading Policy:
To place an order, simply email me. Include how many of each coupon or form you would like. Feel free to copy and paste the description into the email. Once I receive your email I will pull your order and email you with a confirmation and a total. Please let me know what you have to trade me from my wishlist.

My handling fee is a stamp or two for postage. This is for the time I spend collecting, cutting out, filling orders and maintaining this site.

Your trade will be mailed out on the same day we agree upon or the next day. I would appreciate the same from you if trade with me. I expect the trade to be received within one week. If your trade is not received by the end of two weeks and I try to contact you and you do not respond I will report you to Garnette's Bad Trader List.

I will notify you when I receive your end of a trade and I would appreciate the same.

Trading Information:
1-10 coupons ~ 1 stamp plus postage
11-20 coupons ~ 2 stamps plus postage
21-30 coupons ~ 3 stamps plus postage
31-40 coupons ~ 4 stamps plus postage

Need a potluck?
25 coupon potluck ~ 1 stamp plus postage
50 coupon potluck ~ 2 stamps plus postage

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