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CNHS Class '65 Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Graduation Rites of 3 Ladies from Our 3rd Batch of Scholars at TUP on March 27, 2008

On the afternoon of March 27, 2008 three more of our scholars fulfilled their dreams. These 3 young ladies, Jennylyn Antonio, Jhellody Perrin,  and Pinky San Pedro received the diplomas of their chosen careers in a commencement exercise held at the Folk Arts Theatre at the Cultural Center Complex in Manila.

The achievements of these young people were made possible by the help of the CNHS 65 Scholarship Foundation through the unselfish and philanthropic  contributions of the benevolent sponsors of the organization.

To our new 3 Graduates, congratulations and we wish all the best for you. To our Benevolent Sponsors, your philanthropic deed surely helped a lot in uplifting the plights of these young ladies. Congratulations, to you too, dear sponsors.

The Zenith of Aspirations!!!

pinky            jhellody            jennylyn
Pinky Jhellody Jennylyn


pinky, jenny, jhellody    jhellody, jenny, pinky    jenny, pinky, jhellody
T  h  r  e  e     e  c  s  t  a  t  i  c     l  a  d  i  e  s


jenny with family      pinky with family      jhellody with family
Jenny with Mom, Dad, and Auntie Pinky with Mom and Dad Jhellody with Mom, Sis and Dad