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CNHS Class '65 Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Graduation Rites of Our 1st Six Scholars at TUP on March 29, 2006

On the night of March 29, 2006 at the campus grounds of the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) was the culmination of the dreams of Sonny dela Cruz, Michael Pascual, Roby-Anna Cristobal, Nerisa Merindo, Cynthia Gonzales and May Socro. These 6 young ladies and gentlemen finally received the diplomas of their chosen careers with flying colors. Sonny dela Cruz graduated as number 1 in the School of Computer Engineering Technology and number 2 in the entire College of Industrial Technology of TUP. He was awarded the title of High Honors during the commencement exercises.

The achievements of these young people were made possible by the help of the CNHS 65 Scholarship Foundation through the unselfish and philanthropic  contributions of the benevolent sponsors of the organization. Through these achievements, our 6 graduates have obtained some of the the necessary "tools and vehicles to steer themselves through the challenges as well as giving them a better fighting chance in life."

To our Graduates, congratulations and best wishes to all of you. To our Benevolent Sponsors, salute is in order, for giving a brighter future to  these new productive members of our society.

Dreams Do Come True !!!

graduating class                        sonny receiving medal
The TUP Graduating Class of 2006 Sonny receiving medal of High Honors from Step-Mom

nerisa,mom, brod     roby and mom      cynthia, mom, sis
Nerisa with Mom and Brother Roby-Anna with Mom Cynthia with Mom and Sister

sonny with step-mom      michael and mom      may, mom, and dad
Sonny at Graduation March with Step-mom Michael with Mom May with Mom and Dad

nerisa with faith and rosen      4 of 6 grads      5 of 6 grads
Nerisa with scholars Rosen and Fatima The Graduates - May, Sonny, Nerisa, and Roby Sonny, Roby, Cynthia, Michael and Ma

5 of 6 grads      grads with other scholars      grads with friends
The Graduates in Cloud 7 The Graduates with Our Other Scholars With Friends