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Greetings to All !!!

Welcome to the official website of the Cavite National High School (CNHS) Class 65 Scholarship Foundation, Inc., an organization composed of members of Cavite National High School Class '65 Alumni Association. The Foundation is entirely independent of the Alumni Association and has its own set of officers and its own financial system. The Foundation was organized and incorporated last September 22, 2002 with 13 Founders and Incorporators and was formally registered to the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on January 30, 2003.

The last 3 of our scholars graduated last May 26, 2017 at the Cavite State University. This makes a total of 50 Foundation graduates, 20 in technical courses and 30 in education. Click the link "The Graduates" as well as the "Commencement Exercises" and also the "Photo Gallery" for deatails.

The school year 2012-2013 was the most rewarding and most productive school year for and of the Foundation. In the April 16, 2013 commencement exercises,  five (5) graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors.

For a video presentation of the program, go to my channel at YouTube or scroll down this page,  click the play button of the video player.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To provide scholarship to the poor but intelligent graduates of the Cavite National High School in the Philippines by affording financial assistance on tuition fees, books, as well as daily transportation and meal allowances thereby completely relieving the poor/indigent families on the educational expenses of the scholars; and

  • To provide the scholar, vehicles and tools to steer himself through the challenges as well as giving him a better fighting chance in life.

Yearly, prospective scholars will be chosen from the cream of the crop but poor members of the graduating class, the list of which will be provided by the Guidance Counselor of Cavite National High School. The prospective scholars will be interviewed by the selection committee of the Scholarship Foundation mainly on their attitude, outlook in life, ambition, and most specially to appraise their financial needs.  From this, the candidates will be trimmed down to a smaller number and the committee will be visiting homes of each chosen candidate to asses their living and financial conditions. Interviews with their neighbors will also be made. The prospective scholars to be chosen will be sent to either the Technological University of the Philippines or the Cavite State University for the entrance exams. Those who will pass will be subjected to another interview as well as interviews with the parents to obtain their commitments. From this, only 2 to 6 will be chosen. During the scholar's education, he must maintain passing grades. If he obtains even a single failing grade, he will be removed from the program.

Funding for the scholars will be coming from the contributions of, but not limited from, the members of the Cavite National High School (CNHS) Class of 1965. There are a lot of bright poor people in the Philippines who never had a chance to have an education, they end up scavenging the streets and live below the poverty level. Let us help elevate them from their present conditions by providing them a better fighting chance in life.

Come and explore our site to learn more about our Scholars, our Graduates, the benevolent Sponsors, the Foundation Officers as well as the various activities in the Photo Gallery of the Scholarship Foundation.

The Board of Trustees
Cavite National High School (CNHS) Class 65 Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

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Video of the Scholarship Program
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Scholarship Program Parts 1&2, 50th Anniversary, 48th Anniversary, 45th Anniversary
5 video flicks of 9:28, 8:24, 12:10, 13:22, 10:55 minutes respectively