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F. A. D. T. O. T. S. F

F. A. D. - T. O. T. S.

Fathers and Dads Tired of the System!

    This website is intended for Fathers and Dads who care about their children and provide for them as best they can. This web site is also intended to be used by Fathers and Dads who feel they have been slighted or otherwise taken advantage of, by a court system geared towards helping "women" (mothers), and persecuting loving Dads and Fathers by gouging them financially, and psychologically, and by denying them their rights as fathers. 

    This website can be utilized by Fathers and Dads from all over the globe to share their personal experiences and injustices they have suffered at the hands of one sided and bias judges and their rulings. By sharing and interacting with Fathers and Dads who access this web site we can hopefully help each other to avoid " The Thumb of Injustice" that has been placed on us that tips the Justice Scale in favor of the female. We welcome the advice and opinions of any and all Dads in similar situation. In the future this website will try to provide legal tips and lawyer referrals pertaining to your particular state and circumstances.

     Esquires who wish to participate on this website should address all inquires to Thank You.