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This is my ordeal;

     My son Michael was born in August 1994. His mother and I parted ways in 1997. We were never married. I am a good father and provider. I've worked two or three jobs since my son was born in order to take the very best care of my son that I possibly could. I have a very close and special relationship with my son and I love him dearly. It seems to me that his mother was always jealous of our bond with one another. At least once a month, beginning around the summer of 1997, My son's mother has very cleverly and deceitfully manipulated the family court system of Hudson County, Jersey City New Jersey. Because she saw my son identifying with me. She felt threatened and immediately tried to drive a wedge between me and my son. At least once a month she dragged me into court ether because she had a vendetta against me or she had her "panties in a bunch". I worked as a school teacher during the day and as a mechanic at night for the postal service I worked 20 hour days seven days a week all the while putting myself through college for the past three years. Seeing that I was progressing financially, ( while she was stuck in a dead end job) his mother, who obviously felt threatened because she noticed my son gravitating more and more towards me felt that it was time once again for another trip to the Jersey City N.J. family court. By this time his mother was proficient at mixing lies with the truth in order to manipulate a favorable judgment in her favor. The judgment lodged against me by judge L.D.B. was one sided and unfair. I was "raped" monetarily because the judge awarded her all of my disposable income on a silver platter.      

    I would not have a problem with this, except for the simple fact that she is utilizing the money for her own personal use, such as cell phone bills, manicures, pedicures, and trips to the hair salon. meanwhile my son gets nothing . When I tried to bring this to judge L. D. B.'s attention, I was ridiculed and berated. It seems having male genitalia in the Hudson County, NJ  Family court system is considered a crime in the eyes of this judge, regardless of how well you provide, or how much you love and care for your children.

    In my opinion it is fair to say that the Hudson County N.J. Family court system is unfairly geared towards giving the mothers a free ride at the expense of hard working fathers and the children involved. IN OTHER WORDS I WAS PUNISHED FOR BEING A GOOD PROVIDER AND LOVING FATHER.  Please feel free to express yourself on this website . Thank You.