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The photos here are examples of some of the work we have completed. Most of these models have sold or were painted for a customer. But if you see one you want or you need a custom livery, please contact us so we can discuss your needs. We do prototype or private roadnames. Check out the Rio Grande what-if  on Page 2 for an example. We also install constant lighting and couplers as well as construct, decal, detail and paint rolling stock kits for our clients. If you're not sure what we can do, email us so we can work it out. There are a lot of empty spots in the roadnames available from manufacturers. Let us fill the void for you.
Lots more models on Page 2.
Alstom 6051 Alstom 6051 Paint and detail plastic. Animated NEW
Alstom 3072 Alstom 3072 Animated NEW
MM 300 MD Midland 300 Paint and detail plastic.
MM 301 MD Midland 301 We did a pair.
MM 300 301 The pair of Maryland Midlands.
PRR K5 74k NP Passenger car brass.

Page 2
Animated NS GIF

Last Updated: 2/03/2003
Ed Houk