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Yorkshire Terrier Help



Here are some helpful hints for your new Yorkie-



Grooming requirements:

Exercise requirements:

Good with other dogs:

Watchdog ability:






-          If you are going to shampoo your Yorkie do not use Human Shampoo

-          To brush your Yorkie I recommend a pin brush with a rubber back

-          Do not brush your Yorkie when it’s dry or else you will hurt it’s coat


Ear Care-

-          You should check your Yorkies ears weekly and, look for mite infestation (Black or Brown substances)

-          If your Yorkies ears are bent down you can get them to stand up by trimming the upper 1/3 of the ear hair

-          You may pick up mite medication at your local pet supply store or consult with your veterinarian


House Training-

-          If puppies are left to their own devices, they will find their own type of entertainment by chewing on things that shouldn’t be chewed

-          Do not confine a puppy to a crate for long hours

-          Never forget the phrase, "Good puppy!”, and a tiny treat would be in order if the puppy does something good