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Pug Help



Here are some helpful hints for your new Pug-



Grooming requirements:

Exercise requirements:

Good with other dogs:

Watchdog ability:



-          When a pug is being groomed you should have the hair cut very short

-          You should groom them by yourself, so they can get used to you

-          You should cut their nails with a nail clipper, or a nail filer


Face Care-

-          You should watch out for dirt build up in the wrinkles

-          Every week you should clean the wrinkles with a cloth or towel

-          Make sure the wrinkle is dry after cleaning it


Routine Care-

-          When out for a walk donít let your Pug get into any thing on the ground

-          If your Pug is shedding, get a small rubber brush and brush them until there is no more loose hair

-          A non-skid surface is helpful under your grooming space so your Pug is comfortable