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Mustelid Links

Government Departments and Ministries

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
British Columbia Ministry of Forests
Alberta Ministry of the Environment
Saskatchewan Department of Environment and Resources
Manitoba Department of Conservation
Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources
New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Newfoundland Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods
Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Environment Canada

Mustelid Pages

GeoZoo Mustelid Page
Black Footed Ferret Recovery Implementation Team
Wolverine Foundation
References on Mustelid Biology
Dancing With Badgers: Mustelid Survey
Columbia Basin, B.C. Mustelids
More Information on Mustelids
The Velvet Claw: A Natural History of Carnivores
Black Footed Ferrets and Artificial Insemination- National Geographic News
Weasel Family

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