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  • Carrot Coriander & chilli soup

  • Serves 4

  • Ingridients

  • 50g (2oz)onion
    50g (2oz) celery
    400g (14oz)carrots
    2tsp olive oil
    ½ tsp red chilli paste
    1 tsp tomat puree
    1 ltr (¾pt) vegetable stock
    84g. (3oz) chopped fresh coriander

  • Metod
  • Chop the vegetables heat the oil in a large sauepan and add the onion and chilli paste
    cook for 2 mins. then add the vegetables
    stir in the tomato puree and pour the stock into the mixture boil, then simmer for 45mins
    skim off froth blend for 20 seconds, leaving it a little chunky
    boil again add coriander serve