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  • Stuffed Rabbit

  • Ingredients
  • rabbit
    Strips of liver
    Salt and pepper
    150gr. bacon
    minced meat

  • Method
  • Skin the rabbit and remove the legs. Remove the head and cut lengthwise from neck to tail, (bellyside). Remove the offals, keeping only the liver
    start pulling the ribs from both sides with your fingers. go round the larger bones with a knife until you remove all the. backbone.
    Remove the shoulder-blades and the remaining.bones on each shoulder. Cut out one thigh, heat it flat, and place on the chest of the rabbit to give it thickness.
    Beat the two shoulders and fold them to the inside, do the same with remaining thigh so that the rabbit gets a rectangular shape and is ready for the stuffing.
    Roll the rabbit meat with the stuffing inside and tie like a sausage and cook. Put into a roasting dish. Season.
    Cover in foil and roast for 60-65 minutes. Remove foil 10 minustes before finishing time