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Chicken casserole

  • Serve 2

  • Ingredients

    2 chicken joints
    15g./ plain flour
    25g/loz dripping
    5Og/2oz mushrooms
    5Og/2oz. frozen peas
    1 potato
    Salt and pepper
    250ml/ pt water
    1 chicken stock cube


    Melt half the dripping and fry the washed sliced mushrooms.
    put them into an ovenproof dish.
    Coat the chicken in the flour and fry in the rest of the dripping until golden brown put into the dish.
    Peel the potato and cut it into slices. Put it in the dish with the chicken.
    Dissolve the stock cube in the hot water. Put the remaining flour into the pan and stir well. Add the stock a little at a time, stirring until smooth.
    Add a little salt and pepper. Bring to the boil and pour over the chicken.
    Cover the dish and cook it in the centre of the oven, Gas 4,180'C. for about 1 hours until tender.
    Add the peas about hour before the end of cooking time.