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  • Beef olives & Veg (for four persons)

  • Ingredients

  • 4 slices lean beef
    75g. tomato paste
    4 rashes of chopped becon
    chopped parsley
    salt and pepper
    2 hard boiled eggs cut to small pieces
    200g. peas
    mixed spice
    tsp dried basil
    150g. onions
    400g. tomatoes
    olive oil

  • Method

  • Prepare the beef by flatting them on a board, in a bowl mix the chopped bacon , chopped eggs , parsley, salt and pepper and a little bread crumbs,
    with a table spoon fill the flatting beef then roll them up and put tooth picks so the filling won't come out , when you filled the 4 beef piece put them in a deep pan ,
    fry the beef olives slightly just to seal them meanwhile
    peel and shred the onions fry in the hot olive oil do not brown , add the spice , basil ,tomato paste and chopped tomatoes , pour the tomato mixture on the beef olives cover with water or beef stock, bring to the boil, simmer for 20 mins. add the peas and continue simmering for another hour on very low flame till thicken

  • Serve with boiled Potatoe, and any Veg.
  • Or you can serve the sauce on top of spaghetti and the beef olives as a second dish with potato and veg.

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