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Fried filet of fish

  • Serve 3

  • Ingredients

    3 fillets of any white fish, about 100g/4oz each
    1 egg
    50g/2oz lard or oil for frying
    50g/2oz fresh white bread 1 lemon
    flour for coating
    Parsley or cress


    Wash and dry the fish, make the bread into crumbs,beat the egg and put into a shallow dish,put the flour on to a plate
    dip the fish into the flour, then brush with the beaten egg,coat with the crumbs, pressing them on to the fish shake off any loose crumbs
    heat the lard or oil in a frying pan. there should be enough fat to cover the bottom of the pan to about 0.5cm/ depth
    carefully lower the fish into the hot fat, placing the skin side of the fish upwards cook gently for about 7 minutes, then turn over and cook the other side,when cooked the fish should be white and no longer transparent
    while the fish is cooking, cut the lemon into wedges or slices and wash the parsley
    drain the fish fillets on kitchen paper to remove any excess fat, place them on kitchen paper on a warm flat serving dish and garnish with the lemon and parsley