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Father Christmas

  • A really cheery Santa

  • An easy alternative to the traditional Christmas cake

  • This jolly Santa looks much more fun on the festival table than the usual snow scene. Make a sack for him full of tiny presents or sweets


    fruit cake cooked in a 3 pint/2 litre pudding basin
    2 doughnuts
    jam, for sticking
    icing sugar, for rolling
    1 lb/700 g fondant
    red and blue food colouring
    8 oz/225 g royal icing
    1 liquorice whirl


    Spread doughnuts with jam and stick together
    Roll out a quarter of icing Wrap around and tuck under doughnuts to make head.
    Colour nearly all remaining fondant red, saving a small white piece for gloves.
    Cover cake with red fondant, and neaten under base.
    Stick head to body. With no 2 nozzle, pipe eyebrows, hair, beard and moustache with royal icing.
    Make nose and mouth from red fondant and paint eyes and cheeks.
    Roll out a wide strip of red fondant and drape it over head to make hood. Pinch hood together at back.
    Mould two red arms and white gloves and stick to body. With shell nozzle pipe trimming on coat and hood. Unroll liquorice for belt and stick to body with royal icing.

  • Planning:Start the day before
    Equip:Cake board, piping bag with a no. 2 nozzle, rubber bloves

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