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The Snowman

  • He's so nice

  • Just like making the real thing the snowman's arms are made from the chocolate twigs but matchmake or twiglets would do just as well

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    fruit cake cooked in a 3 pint/2 litre pudding basin
    1 lb/700 g fondant black, green and orange food colouring
    icing sugar, for rolling
    jam doughnuts
    jam, for sticking ,2 chocolate twigs


    First make hat, colour 4 oz/125 g. fondant black wearing rubber gloves.
    To make hat, use small can as mould, dusting with icing sugar. Cut a circle of black fondant for top of hat. Cut a larger circle for brim.
    Wrap a strip of fondant round can to form side of hat. (keep scraps of black fondant to make eyes and buttons later.) Leave all to dry on baking parchment.
    Stick jam doughnuts together with jam. Roll out one-third of remaining fondant. Spread doughnuts with jam, wrap icing around. Tuck under. Spread cake with jam, roll out most of remaining fondant. Drape over cake, tuck under, flatten base. Stick head to body with jam or by wetting icing.
    Colour a little fondant green, cut out a long scarf and make fringe. Stick round neck. Make eyes and buttons from black fondant and stick them on. Colour a scrap of fondant orange, model a carrot and push it in place on a cocktail stick.
    carefully remove side of hat from can, Stick pieces together with watered-down black fondant. Stick hat to head. Make two holes on either side of body with skewer and gently push in chocolate twigs.

  • Planning:Start two days ahead if making this hat
    Equip: cake broard cocktail stick, small can to mould hat around, rubber gloves, nonstick baking parchment, skewer plastic bag

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