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Cake Recipes


  • Cupcakes quantity of your choice

  • INGREDIENTS (For Frosting)

    Purple, yellow, green and red frosting
    Purple, yellow, green and red pipe cleaners
    Assorted candy (mini M&Ms, red rope licorice, purple, yellow, green and red gum drops)


    Cover a table with a cloth and set out bowls of each frosting color, assorted candies, plates and utensils
    To create a Teletubby, spread desired color of frosting on cupcake.
    For the face, flatten a gumdrop the same color as the frosting and place in the center of the cupcake. For the ears, cut a flattened gumdrop in half and place on the sides of the face.
    Use frosting to glue on two mini M&M eyes and a red rope licorice smile.
    Twist the appropriate color antenna to the shape of the desired Teletubby and place at the top of the cupcake.