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  • Summer Pudding

  • Serves 6 & 8 Takes 30 mins plus chilling time

  • Ingredients

  • 115g./ 4oz. Redcurrants
    caster sugar, to taste
    115g./ 4oz. Blackberries
    8 slices white bread

  • method

  • Put a little water in the bottom of a pan and stew the red, white and blackcurrants lightly stirring in caster sugar to taste. Add the blackberries and raspberries and simmer gently until stewed. Allow the fruit to cool. ·Cut the crusts off the bread, · dip into the fruit juices and use to line a 1.15ltr./2pt. pudding basin. fill with the stewed fruit, topping with a layer of bread. Place a weighted plate on top of the pudding and chill for several hours. when ready to serve, turn out onto a plate and serve with cream or yogurt.