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Marmalade Loaf

  • Just like granny used to make

  • A very sticky everyday treat that's delicious served with butter or ginger marmalade


    6oz/175g.g butter or margarine
    2oz/50g soft brown sugar
    4tbsp/60ml golden syrup
    2 eggs, size 2, beaten
    5oz/150g ginger marmalade, or Seville marmalade
    10oz/275g wholemeal self.raising flour
    1tsp/5ml baking powder
    1oz/25g crystallised ginger, chopped
    3-4 tbsp/45-4O ml orange juice
    2 tbsp/30ml marmalade to decorate
    1 oz/25g crystallised ginger, sliced, to decorate


    Preheat oven to Mark 4/350'F/180'C. Grease and line tin. Cream butter sugar and syrup together until very pale.
    Gradually stir in eggs and marmalade alternately with sifted flour and baking powder and ginger.
    2 Add sufficient orange juice to give a soft dropping consistency and spoon mixture into tin evenly
    Bake about 1 hour, or until golden and firm to touch.
    Cool thoroughly on a wire rack.
    Melt marmalade, cool slightly and spoon over Decorate with sliced ginger.

    Perfect to make and freeze for weekend guests. Store wrapped in foil for maximum freshness