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Dollhouse Cake


1 baked 13-by-9-by-2-inch cake
5 cups white frosting


  • Ingredients

    Caramel squares,
    Necco wafers,
    shoestring licorice,
    cream wafer cookies,
    jelly beans,
    marshmallow, gummy bear,
    mini jawbreakers,
    fruit cream cookie

  • (top only)
  • petit beurre cookie,
    thin pretzel sticks,
    mini sugar flowers,
    fruit leather


    Cut and arrange the cake as shown, then frost. Add caramel square chimney stones, Necco wafer roof tiles,
    and a licorice roof ridge and room dividers. Make a wafer-cookie bed with jelly-bean feet and add a marshmallow pillow and gummy bear.
    Build a dresser with wafer-cookie drawers, mini-jawbreaker pulls,
    and jelly-bean feet. Hang a fruit cream cookie "painting" in the bedroom. Furnish the kitchen with wafer chairs and a petit-beurre table with pretzel sticks.
    Finish with a Necco-wafer vase of sugar flowers and a fruit-leather lamp.