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The motley crew of the Lexx

Stanley Tweedle

Brave Captain of the Lexx
Stan is the current captain of the Lexx due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and receiving the energy key that allows the possessor to control the Lexx. Formerly, he was a security guard class 4 on the cluster (the seat of power and punishment in His Shadow's empire) and ended up on the Lexx when he failed to turn up for triple organ donation and was branded a fugitive (for which the sentence was total organ donation).Photo Story

Stan is not a brave man and wants only to find a planet populated by nubile, accommodating women. Despite saving the universe from His Divine Shadow, Stanley Tweedle is widely believed to be a traitor responsible for the death of millions at the hand of His Divine Shadow -- and people aren't always glad to see him.

Stan lives in a state of permanent sexual frustration thanks to being the only living companion of the beauteous and highly sexed love slave Zev/Xev and simultaneously the only man she isn't sexually interested in.


Ugly ZevSilver ZevGoo ZevRed Xev
Zev of B3K has had an unusual life. She first appeared as a fat, ugly woman who failed in her wifely duties and was sentenced to be turned into a love slave. It didn't go to plan and although she was transformed physically into a beautiful, voluptuous woman with an enhanced libido, she is also part cluster lizard thanks to a messy decapitation during the alteration process. As part of her love slave programming she was supposed to fall in love with her 'owner', but she escaped before this imperative could be installed. Photo Story Instead, a robot head (790) received the love programming and is now madly in love with Zev.

After an unfortunate incident with a plasma reactor Zev was reduced to protein goo which was eaten by Lyekka and used to reform Zev based on Stanley Tweedle's directions. Consequently, Xev now looks very different. She still won't sleep with Stanley though.


Robot head
790 was the robot responsible for transforming Zev into a love slave on the cluster. During the procedure his body was eaten by a cluster lizard and his disembodied head was placed into the transformation machine by Zev where it received the love programming meant for Zev -- causing him to fall in love with ZevPhoto Story

His passion for Zev/Xev is matched only by his disdain for the continued existence of Stanley Tweedle. 790 is single-minded in his adoration of Zev/Xev -- even when she's just a bucket of goo -- and longs for the day when he finds a new body to attach himself to so he can really show Xev how much he loves her.


The dead guy

Photo Story

Kai is last of the Brunnen-G, an ancient race destroyed by His Shadow. He's also dead. His mind was reprogrammed and for 2008 years he served as an assassin for His Shadow, reanimated by proto-blood and kept in cold storage when not required to kill someone. On recovery of his memory he renounced his service to His Divine Shadow and assisted Zev and Stanley against him.

Leaving his former 'non-life' as an assassin behind him, now he's on the Lexx, where he's animated by proto-blood and kept in cold storage when not required to kill someone.


Lyekka and her pod
One day the Lexx passed through a cloud of space-faring plant pods, one of which entered the Lexx and set up roost. It disgorged a beautiful human female form calling herself Lyekka and having the unusual quality of liking StanleyTweedle. Lyekka is carnivorous and tends to eat any passengers aboard the Lexx, but she doesn't want to eat Stan, Xev or Kai(because he's dead). As a favour to Stan she recreated Zev after she had been reduced to protein goo.

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