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TV Miscellaneous
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These shows are my favourites, and they clearly have competent writers:
Simpsons : A funny show still alive and kicking. The latest season is weird though.
Carcube.wav is very funny. Classic D'OH!.wav. Now that D'OH is an official word, does that make it legal to post this wav file?  I hope I don't find out...
CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) - A cool new ER / Law and Order type show.
Vengeance Unlimited : sadly deceased as of 1999.
Brimstone : another victim of Fox's incompetent program scheduling.
Star Trek: Isn't it sad that Voyager has ended?  I'm glad that Enterprise has taken over and is good.
Family Guy : good tongue in cheek humour.
Law and Order : I always miss this now...but it is still good when I do see it.
Who's Line Is It Anyway?
This Hour Has 22 Minutes - Do you like "Talking To Americans" ?  Canadians need to remember that just because the American's don't know something, doesn't mean we don't have to know it either.
Royal Canadian Air Farce
ER - I don't watch this anymore, but I used to be crazy about it.
Just for Laughs
The New Red Green Show
Get Smart -  "I missed it by That Much!"  If you need to reach me, call me on my shoe-phone. Or leave a message with Agent 99.  Don't forget to use the "cone of silence", to keep the details top secret. TV LAND is showing Get Smart. WOO HOO!
The Transformers - The best toy invented, in the 80's.  And there were a heap of toys made then.

I am Anti-"South Park" & Anti-"King of the Hill". Why are these shows still on the Air? Don't people have standards for what they let themselves and their kids watch?  I know some people can't understand why I'd like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama, yet not South Park.  You can learn a lot about history, and current issues from The Simpsons.  You can learn how to swear a blue streak, at the expense of a culture or race, in South Park.  And all for only 2 minutes of really funny material.  When I watch a show I don't want to feel insulted more than amused.

Resistance is floor-tile. Resistance is floor tile...?  Doh!! We mean futile.  D'OH!
The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama, King of the Hill, South Park, are the property of FOX broadcasting, and other mega-giant TV overlords. So are some other shows I've mentioned here.  See if you can guess them all.  NBC,CBS,ABC,WB,PARAMOUNT,ALLIANCE/ATLANTIS are all cool TV producers.  I'm sure they don't mind that I'm advertising for them.  Without all the free advertising on the web, I'm sure they would go bankrupt within a month. Just like the CBC...