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John's Old Computers

**PAGE is out of date as of Jaunary 2007** **Visit ABANDONEDSTUFF.COM for contact information** Welcome to my computer page.  I have many of these things, because I used to get them at government auctions to restore them with my Dad.  Now I have too many, so I would like to give/sell them to local people who can use them. If you are looking for an old computer, remember to check out garage sales near you. Some of these computers that are in good working order will be added to our Old Computer Museum.   Some of our parts are in working order, so if you want something we would try to test it before we send it.

I go to school at the University of Regina.  I will try to set my prices low, because the shipping will cost a lot for some pieces.  I'd prefer not to ship whole computers, as sending parts is much easier.

The first column is the price in Canadian dollars. For Americans, if you pay me in U.S. cash [worth ~$0.60 more than a Canadian $1] I will give you a wonderful deal for your money.  I will tinker with the prices, and the list when I have time. Shipping by UPS isn't easy for a normally isolated rural Canadian like my Dad, so picking it up may be cheapest.  Some parts can be mailed, but you'll have to be patient. The "old" computers take a lower priority to the new ones that need fixing around here. (Take a holiday here, Wood Mountain, and pick up your computer on the way home.)

Table Legend:
The first column is the asking price [negotiable]
The second column is the quantity for the price [blank is 1]
The rest are details and accessories with the item.

 $   Data Terminals    
5 2 Qume QVT 103   kb
5   Wang Model 4230A    
15 3 Digital VT 240 no monitor kb
5   Digital VT 220   kb
5   Digital VT 100   kb
    TRS-80 DT1 listed under Tandy  
5 3 EVT 300 monitor no kb
15   M-300-05 dead monitor 386SX; 3.5"; kb
10   Various Manuals & DOS 3.3 5.25"
5   8088; bad power supply monitor kb; FD; italian made
5   Powermate 316; bad mb? no cpu no monitor no kb; no FD
25 3 DECstation 386SX16; VGA card built in no monitor no kb; FD; 4meg
$20   Multispeed EL laptop; modem; bad mb?   2 FD
$30   NEW AC adapter for Multispeed EL    
30 2 1 NEW; 1 used power supply board for EL    
50   Portable "luggable"; power cord built in CRT kb; 2-360kb FD
40   Deskpro 8086 + 8087 mono monitor kb; 10meg HD; FD
40   Deskpro 8086 CGA monitor kb; 10meg HD; FD
5   Deskpro 8086; bad power or mb? no monitor no kb; FD
20 Apple II+ 2 drives, one is bad mono monitor
20 Apple IIe dual drive, monitor games, joystick
15 Apple IIc bad keyboard monitor[works?]
40 4 C-64, VIC 20 disk drives some don't work
60 2 Equity II+ 20meg HD; 1.2meg FD CGA monitor
20 Equity III 386 1.2meg,1.44meg FD; VGA hard drive; no monitor
XT, PC, and AT's
60 Laser 486 SX
? Sinclair X-81
Many TRS-80 machines, and a Zenix server Model IV's CO-CO2's
30 4 T1xxx 286, and 8086 laptops without power adapters dead batteries
Printers and cables
    Many HD, FD, and expansion cards    
Epson Equity II+ no monitor; 33meg HD; no FD; CGA card
Epson Equity II+
no monitor; no HD; 1.2meg FD; Mono card
I sell new custom built computers.  I also have a good supply of cheap 386 and 486 computers for only $20(basic working computer / with Windows or FreeDOS installed) Email me if you are interested in one, or its parts.

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