11/8/99 archives Wow, am I ever clinging. I just came here to my dear computer to clean some things up, and thought I'd just sneak one more net attempt out of infinet. And I got on. So I likely have till midnight tonight. Just thought I'd throw one last rant.

I just checked my e-mail and that sweet child o' Jesus, Kane, sent a couple 'day in the life' letters that made me, uh, laugh my arse off. That boy, he's crazy. Krazy Kane.

And I'm talking to Andy right now, in these last lingering moments of connection. Such melodrama. And I'll probably be reconnected in a few days anyway. Everyone sends me off, but you can't miss me if I won't go away.

Fuck you! I just watched North of 60 and found out the name of that actor I'm so mad for and I didn't write it down right away and now I can't remember it. Damn it.

Okay I'm gone.