"Was she a pretty girl? Does she have pretty hair? Was she soft-spoken? Was there a love there?"

Give me back my veil!

-PJ Harvey



Ugh. Chocolate overdose. I'm sure you saw that coming.

Just finished Tom Robbins' "skinny legs and all". Very cool. Made me want to thrust it into the faces of all the Christian suburbanite house wives I know, who drag their kids to churches every Sunday, for the traditional brainwashing/child abuse. Think it would loosen them up a little. Or freak them out totally. I would love to sit in on the book club meeting discussions that this book would inspire amongst that particular crowd. But preaching this book, preaching at all, would be Buddy Winkler. I don't want that.

Tom Robbins' sex is so great! Perhaps they'd just freak out their husbands.
It would be a fun little Pleasantside sexual revolution I think.

Next book is Douglas Coupland's "Shampoo Planet".

You want me to put more colour in here don't you? Christ you are so demanding! Fuck you.

Someone please come to me and give me cable net connection!

"I can feel his heart wired, Heart like gunfire... Gunfire."

"Who will love me now? Who will ever love me? Who will say to me 'You are my desire. I'll set you free.'? Who will forgive, and let me live again? Who will bring me back, to the world again?" I'm listening to PJ Harvey's "That Was My Veil" single, so of course I'll be quoting from it gratuitously. This song is fucking heartbreaking. "Who Will Love Me Now?" Another song to go on the Self Pity Soundtrack. Ooohhhh...
My cousin Nadia has just icq-abandoned me for some ex-boyfriend of hers. Thanx bunches babe. I wuz trying to send her an mp3 of Tori doing Joni's "a case of you" and she bailed on me. Her loss.

My ma took me out for dinner tonight. There wuz a moment of panic when I got my pasta, I thought it may have had meat in it. False alarm. Jeez, I am living on the edge these days. Holy God. I tell ya, my adrenaline wuz a-pumpin'. Okay, I just felt sick. I'm okay now. Back to the daily trials of a life of vegetarianism... Met this handsome British gentleman today, at the hottub store. Went to get our hottub's water tested and this fine man who worked there wuz a very pleasant conversationalist. I enjoyed listening to, and watching, him. That's the end of that story. Just though he should be mentioned.

I want to write out all the words to PJ's "My Beautiful Leah" now. But I can't/won't. Just go listen to it yourself.
From "Is This Desire?"
"Did she come around here sir? I swear you would remember..."

(Sha!)rEEn (mi cool cat cousin) just sent me to this site.

The Hunger Site.

I feel all noble now from having clicked there. Wow. That's easy. Go once a day. I think I ought to link to it on the main page.
I really don't have anything new on my mind. This is terrible.
Oh I do have things on my mind, but y'all are such vampires. You take and never give. Why should I share?
(I just told "Hermit" I'd mention him here. Not that he lept with joy at the concept. Hardly deserves it as a result, so that's it.)

"inspiration's said to run dry- Everyone wants a good time."


(Thanx to Adrian for telling me about this Gomez music. T'is good stuff.)