Damn, I wish I was your lover



This is so fucking wearing me out. I hate not having control in this. I hate that I care.

I got the coziest hoodie today. Fleece. Light grey and blue. All cozy and cuddly, I'm in love with it. And "No Rain" started playing in the store as I tried it on, so I had to have it. "Scar Tissue" wuz playing when I tried on the pants, so I had to have them too. Don't tell the merchants this, babydolls. I will go on buying binges if stores play music I love.

Jesus, the girls who work in these clothing stores are... stressingly irritating. So chipper, glowy, glittery, bubble gum and hawk-like. Charisma-ing over with utterances like "This is Lindsay! She's gonna help you now!" "Hi! If there's any thing you want!just! ask!me!" And inter-staff conversation like "You know what is, like, the worst taste? A lemon jolly rancher right after you've brushed your teeth." This felt like gym class in highschool. The girls whose asses I'd kick if they weren't already threatening to kick mine.

You need cooling, baby, I'm not foolin'
Way down inside, honey, you need me.
I wanna give you my love...