it could be sweet



Alright, back at my brother's. Since he lives downtown and I have naught on my agenda till I get a job, and in order to get a job one must give out fucking resumes I'll stay here and head out tomorrow.

A joint wuz just smoked in my absence. (Chaara said no!)

I told Nadya and I's waiter tonight that it wuz our birthday. So cake wuz eaten and a picture taken. Since Adrian has a scanner I will now share that photo with you.
Isn't that grand? How immediate. This is the absolutely most recent photo of myself and Nadya:

Nadia and Chaara

Pretty snazzy.

Nadya and I went ice skating in Robson square tonight too. Singing and holding hands and falling down. Nadya, I always have fun with you. This maybe would have been a mundane or common night out for someone else, but it's fucking fabulous wild and fun when I'm with Nadya. Always an adventure. Nadya's great. (I love you babe)

We plan to go for free birthday cake again next week. Also a good way to get a free polaroid snapshot!

Portishead, "Dummy" is playing on mp3 right now. Good album.

This is stupid of me but now I'm pissed off that my brother didn't share that joint with me. And I am not a "Joint Jedi" as he calls it, meaning I can't roll my own, so I am not going to be smoking pot tonight. This is a good thing I suppose. Logic would say so. I just want a little though... Argh.

I'm straight. I'm clear. This is good Chaara. This is a good thing. Stay this way.

Anyways, just wanted to share that picture, and rave about Nadya and how happy it makes me to have adventures like tonight's with her.

Now I'm all gushy. ohhh...
Love to y'all.